Shouldn't have swum through the Splat Zones (6-5, Kelp Splatterscope)

11th January 2017 – 7.00 am

The Kelp Splatterscope! No relying on Splat Bombs this time. It seems like a good idea, with the Sprinkler for Splat Zones, and Killer Wail for Port Mackerel and Walleye Warehouse. That's if I manage to use them both, particularly as I still haven't got it in my head which button activates the Wail.

I am also trying to ween myself off ink-resistant shoes, if only because that's all I've worn for a few weeks. I'll get the turquoise ones back on for now, and see what I can use in the other equipment slots. Sub Saver seems like a good plan for the Sprinkler.

My zoning Killer Wail wasn't a bad idea, but I wasted time going to their end of the map to plant it. I was hoping to flank someone, but, really, I'm playing a charger. I can do this from our own side.

I get a few decent shots in with the Splatterscope. And with its natural ink coverage, and the Sprinkler on top of that, this battle is going quite well. Damn that Rapid Blaster and its Defence-up sweater, though. That would have been a solid splat otherwise.

Rapid Blasters look pretty popular at the moment. I'm not convinced you need quite so many Strength-ups on it, but maybe I can try it again. I played it once, thinking it would be a good first Blaster, but, of course, it's not. The basic Blaster is a good first Blaster, but now that I've tried that I can think about the Rapid variant again. But I digress.

The battle takes a turn, and we get closed out of the Splat Zones. A lot of blue ink gets spread very quickly, and a badly thrown Sprinkler isn't going to help. Neither is squidding through a Splat Zone when under pressure. Being splatted their just recaptures the zone for the blue team. It probably doesn't lose us the battle, but it didn't help.

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