Not a bad S-Rank battle for me in Splat Zones (6-7, Splatterscope)

8th February 2017 – 7.00 am

It looks like I can't aim for toffee at the start of this Splat Zones battle. That's not an entirely wrong judgment either. I could at least turn to ink our Splat Zones instead, which would also have my seeing the Carbon Roller coming for me earlier. So it goes.

I find it quite funny having the other charger's blue sight hunt me down like a feeler, as I casually ignore it. I try to ink the Splat Zones, take care of the charger, and cover over the Carbon Roller's contributions, and do okay. I even get a splat across the divide.

Maybe I don't get rid of the Carbon Roller, and maybe his Inkzooka charges at the right time, but at least I realise I should be inking the Splat Zones. I'm also quite impressed at my Killer Wail-dodging skills, and I have to thank my shoes for that.

That charger looks pretty good. I also spy her from the diagonal that she tried to use earlier. I think I do really well in splatting her too, even if I don't survive the encounter myself. She gets one back on me soon enough, too.

I'm happy to splat the Roller charging their special, and get a one-way splat on my opposite Splatterscope, yet still I don't survive. Damn that Carbon Roller. And the Dynamo Roller, really. But I think I made a good impression in that battle, particularly in S Rank.

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