Splatty confusion in Splat Zones (12-8, Tri-slosher)

13th February 2017 – 7.00 am

Flounder Heights, my favourite! But Splat Zones, my not-so favourite. I'll pick the bucket anyway, and hope the Tri-slosher will inspire me to be good. Or I'll run headlong in to trouble as always. At least I Disrupted someone!

Holy crap, the Inkstrike is in the air as I have already started to super-jump. I don't know how I didn't get splatted immediately. But I shake it off and get back to inking. I like to make use of the excellent design of Flounders Heights, and dropping through the grate to come right back up feels good, and even better getting the splat from it.

Unintentionally falling down isn't so good, but you roll with things, and I see what I can find on the ground of the purple team's patch. Inklings! More than one! It's good that my Bubbler is charged. I try hide a bit, even with an Echolocator on me, and really am that surprised when the Octobrush doesn't splat me. I stand stunned, fully expecting to see who splatted me, before realising I won and getting on with things.

I push further forwards and up on to the normal perch, getting a decent splat and taking the sensible step of squidding over the side away from danger. Up to the top and try to keep the Splat Zones inked. But they already are, which only gets me in to trouble, somehow.

Facing Bubblers has my squidding away, again quite sensibly, and returning with my own Bubbler! Haha! But it gets messy. At least messy and splatted is better than walking over a Splat Bomb and not noticing until it's too late. Oops.

I take an alternative route to the top when I sense danger, and manage to rain ink down on the brush, whilst my squidmates take care of the Splat Zone. I squid across and, with a charged Bubbler again, take care of the other Splat Zone. But I stupidly chase the Octobrush, thinking that because she's Disrupted I'll be victorious. Nope.

Getting side-splatted is a little ignominious, more so from a Splattershot Jr. It looks like I don't even have time to get my revenge, although my squidmates manage to push the battle in to extra time. We try our best to hold the Splat Zones, but the other team have done a good job of keeping the lead so far, and continue to do so.

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