Saving it at the end in Rainmaker (10-8, Tri-slosher)

18th February 2017 – 7.00 am

I don't think it benefits me and my bucket to get anywhere fast on Hammerhead Bridge in Rainmaker. I slow down a bit, inking turf, building my Special's charge, and still get caught out by an inkling. I've never been a fan of jumping either.

At least I survive the next splat, but Tri-slosher versus Splatling is generally only going to go one way. The same is true with the .52 Gal, even at close range, when I can't sidle out of the way.

I pause for breath, not wanting to sacrifice my squidy self for nothing, but not quite realising I'm not in my ink. It shouldn't matter in this case. I see my moment and pounce, but the Gal jumps annoyingly. I still don't like that.

I battle smarter, and gain some height over the Gal when I surprise him from behind, completely nullifying his jumping efforts, getting my a very satisfying splat. A second splat is welcomed, and from there I move forwards, a little cautiously, to support the Rainmaker, now moving forwards.

Again, a bit of height helps me superbly. The Splatling is thwarted, the Roller is thwarted, and I come out on top with my bucket. Woomy! I push forwards, but see activity from behind. When I can't find it, but do find the Rainmaker for the taking, I grab it and do what I can.

Some disappointing moments follow. I miss the Roller who super-jumps away a split-second in time, and then my squidding up the side of a wall just puts me in the way of the Rainmaker blast. On top of that, more silly jumping gets the better of me. That's not quite as bad as my ink simply missing, though.

I persevere with getting behind the opponents, though, and it pays off in the end. I splat an Inkzooka from behind, chase the Rainmaker, slowing it down with a nicely aimed Disruptor, and get the splat just as the battle ends. That'll do!

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