Pressing hard at the end in Rainmaker (17-7, Tri-slosher)

21st February 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm not too confident about being in the open spaces with my Tri-slosher on Mahi-Mahi Resort. I feel exposed with a short-range weapon, and generally get splatted quickly. The feeling is lessened in Rainmaker, when the action can be concentrated elsewhere, but I still find myself skirting the edges and looking for flanking points.

So it is that I set about skirmishing to indirectly support my squidmates and the Rainmaker, rather than making the Rainmaker my focus. My usual back route to start with can often be noticed, but this time it isn't, which is good. But the inklings don't stay on that ledge, and I have to jump down to give chase. I get a couple of splats, but maybe could have got more with some fancy footwork. Never mind.

I can't quite reach the Splatterscope, but I pressure her away from reaching the potential of her Splat Bomb Rush, and divert to take another route around the back, where I get the jump on a handful of inklings. Nice! Of course, I eventually push my luck. Back to the base! Jumping in to a Splat Bomb sends me back sooner than expected too, as does jumping in to the Rainmaker's blast.

But I know my way around most of these maps (except for one nook on Mahi-Mahi where I fell in to the water a few times today), and sneak around and behind the purple inklings near our base. I don't think they expected that. My Bubbler reactions are good tonight, saving me again, but the Rainmaker shield gets in the way of an Inkstriking inkling that ultimately causes me a splatting. Oh well.

I'm not giving up on the flanking strategy, and again it works a treat, along with a timely Bubbler charge. There's nothing quite like splatting the backs of other inklings with a Tri-slosher. But we still have a big lead to overcome, and time is running out.

We enter extra time holding the Rainmaker, and even though we've barely got close to the podium all battle, some good concentration, caution, and dashing at the right moments, and we squid in to a surprise victory. Woomy!

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