All around the Splat Zones (12-6, Tri-slosher)

23rd February 2017 – 7.00 am

I can move pretty quickly with my Tri-slosher. And if I move quickly enough at the start of a battle on Urchin Underpass, I believe I can sneak up the side route. Well, maybe not sneak, as such, as I leave an inky trail, but I can get up there and around the back of the other team. Much like in this battle!

I don't get many splats for my initial efforts. My squidmates have done all the work, and more conventionally. Splatting the opponents, capturing the Splat Zones, and charging their Specials. It's all looking rather good. I'll go back around the side.

I get a splat, thanks to a charged Bubbler, but by the time I circle around looking for activity it's all in the now-orange Splat Zones. The battle's starting to go awry! At least we don't quite lose the lead, and regain control, but the battle really is afoot.

I try to manoeuvre well and not dive in to silly confrontations, but I still manage to see Splat Bombs a bit too late, and don't fare well when surrounded by orange inklings. They pick their game up well enough to take the lead from us, which is unfortunate.

The battle's not over. But it gets close. I sneak around to just across the Splat Zones and get some splats and spread some ink, Suction Bombs peppering my Bubbler, to stop the orange counter at 2. That was close! I even realise I don't quite recapture the Splat Zones, so turn back to get them before moving on.

But it's too late. I try to go around the back to surprise the orange inklings, but I would have been better served to loiter by the Splat Zones, given how late in the battle it is. The clock ticks to zero and we enter Extra Time as the orange inklings turn up to cover over my teal ink. That's a lesson to learn for another time.

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