Getting the splats in Rainmaker (14-6, Tri-slosher)

27th February 2017 – 7.00 am

Back along the side route to start with. I think it can get me to the middle just about as quickly as the centre route, but with a bit of elevation for protection. If only the Rainmaker didn't point my way.

I show perhaps a little too much caution on my next approach, leading to definitely too little awareness. I get a couple of decent splats, but the Rainmaker is advanced a long way to our base. Oops.

The Rainmaker makes it back to the middle. I think about taking the side route to flank, but there is Seeker pressure coming from ahead. I decide instead to deal with that, which I manage, thanks to just about squidding around another Seeker.

I turn around and get another couple of good splats, and start inking the way ahead. That lasts a bit longer than the Rainmaker carry, but only a bit. When I come back I go around the side, and walk past my target. That could have backfired.

I ink the way ahead, but again the Rainmaker is lost. Only temporarily, and my team makes a great push to surpass purple's lead. Woomy! No knockout yet, though, and purple pressure blasts me back to our base.

I decide against a daring dive, thankfully hitting an inked wall in my diversion, and go the conventional way around. Diving down from above is less daring with a charged Bubbler, and I am able to wreak some havoc on the purple team.

Getting the height advantage doesn't work the next time, and diving down only gets me confused. Thankfully, the inklings battle it out amongst themselves, leaving me standing. I'm not so lucky the next time.

One last splatting from the Rainmaker's shield, and my squidmates tidy up the extra time messiness without getting under any real pressure. A fun and inky battle!

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