Squidmate appreciation in Tower Control (7-5, Tri-slosher)

7th March 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm not having the best of sessions this evening. My splats aren't landing, and I think in my frustration I am rushing more quickly in to more splats. It doesn't help. But I persevere a little, and try to play more sensibly. It helps when I get some excellent squidmates.

That Splatterscope will be a hazard. I want to suppress her, but I will have to get close first. And my manoeuvring is still a bit suspect early in the battle. Not bad, just a little rusty. I manage to turn it around a little, though, which is good.

I jump on to the Tower after splatting a couple of inklings, which should give me a smoother ride, and our Splatterscope squids on too. Groovy, I can squid ahead to clear a path. Not only that, but our Splatterscope is savvy, and inks a path up the wall for me. Nice! I make sure to thank him.

Another Tower mistake is unfortunate but amusing. At least it comes at the end of a good push by us, where we take a significant lead. I then manage to avoid a Killer Wail, the attentions of the Splatterscope, and even chase the Splatterscope down for the splat.

Squidding back for the Tower gets me squidding up the side, and the Roller inksplodes as I get there. Another great covering shot from our Splatterscope, which definitely deserves another 'Nice!' in appreciation.

And my manoeuvring and awareness has improved. As I ride the Tower and come under threat from teal ink, I hop off, pop up in an unexpected place, and get the splat, before squidding back to the Tower. I'm pleased with that.

I get a little wet from the Sprinkler on the Tower, and wetter from the Wasabi Splattershot, but it's a reciprocal splat, and a squidmate takes over on the Tower for me. I super-jump back and hop off to take care of a minor threat. I don't have time to get back on the Tower as it trundles on to the goal, but that's okay. Great work, everyone! Woomy!

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