We should have got on the Tower in Tower Control (16-7, Tri-slosher)

7th March 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm slipping down the ranks again, but that's okay. Maybe it will give me a slightly smoother ride for Carbon Roller Practice. Or it will put me with less consistent groups and make things harder. Either way, I'm opting for the Tri-slosher for Tower Control.

It's a great start to the battle for me, bagging three splats, including the opposition charger, and turning back sensibly to ride the Tower a bit without much risk. But the inklings soon return, and jumping off to take care of them has me pushing my luck.

Another go at riding the Tower doesn't get far at all, neither does my trying to get rid of the inky pressure. But when the yellow team get on the Tower, I do well with applying the pressure.

I keep applying it successfully, somehow not getting splatted when covered in ink, but end up forgetting about the Splatterscope behind me. More pressure is applied, and I think I see a Panic Inkstrike. For a second, at least.

Working my way around the back to find the Splatterscope does so, but I have to go a bit further than expected. That just makes the splat much more satisfying, though. If only someone was trying to ride the Tower. I could, but I seem to be doing well suppressing the yellow team.

Naturally, with such a narrow lead, it doesn't take much for the yellow team to beat it, even if it does take them four minutes to do so. Still, they ride the Tower and take the lead. That's kinda the point, and even an extra time push isn't enough to help us. Good game, yellow team.

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