Nearly getting to grips with Arowana Mall Tower Control (12-8, Carbon Roller Deco)

10th March 2017 – 7.00 pm

I like to think I'm getting the hang of the Carbon Roller Deco. Or just being a better inkling. Look how I try to launch a Seeker as I reach an edge at the start of this battle, am low on ink, and continue Rolling without breaking stride. And although my Seekers misses the inkling coming up at me, my Roller doesn't. Feels good, man.

I get splatted soon after, though, but that's much to be expected when so close to the Tower. My next couple of attempts don't see me do much, although at least I get some splats on the second go. After that, I'm a whirlwind of competence.

I get the Tower back from the green team, take some pressure off, and help a squidmate keep the Tower. From there, we make a great push forwards to take a good lead.

The Tower comes back our way, and with such a good lead I think I have time to wait for it to get closer for a Carbon diving ambush. It's not really needed in the end, but I'm in a good position to help afterwards. I am anticipated and splatted, but it's good to see my splatter go for a swim.

I am enough of a threat on the flowers that the inkling on the Tower also goes for a swim instead of coming face-to-face with my. But, again, my presence along the side corridor is anticipated. At least I take one of them with me.

More tussling over the Tower has splats everywhere, and unfortunately sees the green team take the lead. They're looking good to keep it too, having great turf control and lots of inklings applying pressure around the Tower.

We do what we can, but we are just pressed back too far to make much of a difference so late in the battle. So it goes sometimes. You can't always carry a good start to the end.

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