Finding some time in the Splat Zones (10-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

11th March 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm still not entirely sure how to start a Ranked battle with the Carbon Roller Deco. Inking my way around away from the objective would let me build up my Special charge, but the Seeker Rush isn't always that effective. But rushing to the objective is pretty tricky to pull off.

On reflection, I think inking turf is the better option. The Carbon Roller needs lots of ink to move around in to be safe and to get close to inklings, so getting a good base is probably more important. That doesn't mean I'm not tempted to rush in inappropriately still.

I am also in two minds about following the Seeker trail. It's too obvious a target for the other inkling, but it's also a really nice path of ink for me, and maybe Ninja Squid will help. But Seekers are also ink-thirsty, and I struggle for ink afterwards if I don't squid in the trail. The Carbon Roller Deco really isn't an easy weapon to wield.

Still, the Seeker Rush can work well for inking lots of paths, without using my ink tank, and can catch the occasional inkling unawares. Choosing the right place to launch the Rush helps too.

I don't get too much done in the first half of this battle. Maybe I'm thinking too much about what I'm doing (or maybe I'm thinking about most of this after the battle, to help me for future battles). I get a splat here and there, help ink the Splat Zones a bit, but am caught by the other side pretty often.

But with about two minutes to go, I start hitting my stride. The side path to the Splat Zones gets nicely inked, allowing good movement there, and from there I can ninja squid my way around and catch some of the purple inklings unaware. I think having the Splat Zones inked forces them in to rushing in and making mistakes too. That always helps.

I miss a couple of splats, but not in such a way that compromises myself, and so I am around to help keep the Splat Zones yellow. In the end, the knockout victory almost creeps up on me. Woomy!

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