Manic Mackerel Rainmaker (5-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

13th March 2017 – 7.00 am

Port Mackerel and Flounder Heights sound great to my run with the Carbon Roller Deco. I bet I can do things in Rainmaker too, particularly with Seekers painting long, straight lines. That is, if I can aim them down the long, straight lines. This is why I take a moment at the start of the battle, just making sure I don't hit a container.

My first splat is from a Seeker, though, which is pretty good! And trying to keep our turf inked, mostly so that I can squid through it stealthily, I find a blue inkling trying to fast-track his squidmates to the podium. Not on my watch! I don't manage to splat him with my Roller, but with some persistence, and a Seeker Rush, he's out of here.

Rainmaker blast to the right of me, Killer Wail to the left, I'm amazed I survive. And we're not even a minute in to the battle. Another Carbon and me fight over who doesn't want the Rainmaker most, and I lose. But that's okay. I get a good carry and support from that other Carbon to give us the lead. Nice!

Some more tussling has my inking around again, and noticing an inkling, probably the same inkling, once again inking around the back of us. I try to surprise-splat him, but he's off. And Bubblered. I back off wisely, and launch a Seeker as he reappears. There's no dodging this one! Much like I don't dodge the Killer Wail.

The blue Splatling has got herself in to a good position. I am lucky to spot it early enough to avoid her ink, but my Carbon can't quite reach effectively on to the container. But I incidentally ink the block leading up there, and squid up to see the Splatling ready to super-jump away. This time, my Carbon is quicker.

That Splattershot Jr has been around the block again. Most of the blue ink has been covered, but I don't want the path to be any way easy, so squid up to the podium and ink that too. Unfortunately, that turns out to be an unnecessary distraction, as the Rainmaker is heading this way, spearheaded by the Splattershot Jr with Bubbler at the ready.

We are blasted through, and this close to the podium there is not much more we can do but watch. Still, we put up a pretty good fight for three Rollers and a Luna Blaster, against a much more balanced team.

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