So nearly dunking the Rainmaker (8-8, Carbon Roller Deco)

13th March 2017 – 7.00 pm

I kinda pick up the Rainmaker by accident at the start of this battle. I notice the inkling squidding in the ink on one of the columns on the yellow side, and go to flick him off with my Carbon Roller. To be fair, I do exactly that, but I land on the Rainmaker and, for a second, have no idea what's happening.

I quickly get to my senses, splatting a charging inkling and squidding through the grate just in case the Rainmaker misses. But when does the Rainmaker miss? Shortly afterwards, in this case. But I probably ought not to run in to most of the yellow team throwing bombs everywhere.

This little lead doesn't last long. The next yellow carry overtakes my effort, and overtakes me. The Rainmaker drops right over my head. At least I know where it is, and we have little trouble taking it back. And it's mine again!

The Slosher wants me to go up, I think, so up I go. Up and across, and off on my own. Maybe not the best idea, but it could be unexpected. And, indeed, I get a good distance without any hassle. How far can I go? I aim the Rainmaker to try to send ink over the ridge, and as I squid and jump I wonder if I can hit the podium.

I probably can! If only I didn't have Ninja Squid, this would be a slam dunk. But I can't tell if the podium has ink at the top, or if it is just shade. I have to admit that this dark blue ink is my least favourite colour, and this moment just solidifies my opinion of it. Had I stayed a squid it would be battle over. But I think I've missed, and drop down to ink the podium. Bye bye, tigerears.

At least we have a significant lead, which should be more than possible to defend. Of course, a good attack can be the best defence, and we have another solid push for the podium before we're splatted. The yellow team have some possession for a bit, and remind me that I am an Inkzooka magnet.

The yellow ink gets to our podium! Best cover that before a yellow inkling does too. This time, it doesn't bring the yellow team inevitably further, and instead my short delay takes me to the top of Flounder Heights in time to bag a neat triple splat. Nice!

As the clock ticks down, my squidmates have everything under control. One grabs the Rainmaker and heads away from trouble, just as I head directly towards it. I manage to avoid a last-second, embarrassing splatting, though.

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