Comeback kings in Rainmaker (9-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

14th March 2017 – 7.00 pm

I get myself in to a sticky spot at the start of the battle. I think a green inkling is going to squid up the wall, but before that happens I get some blasts of ink from behind. I can do nothing else but squid through the grate, which puts me on the opposition side of the map.

Well, I survives, so maybe I can lay down some ink whilst I'm here. Some, but not much. It wasn't the best place to be, really. But that seems to be me at the moment, being in the wrong place. And when I find myself in roughly the right place, I'm splatted out of there again. So it goes.

I flirt with yet another Killer Wail and survive, showing that I am getting better at not rushing in to them, and try to support the Rainmaker. We lose it too quickly, though. I can support the team, though, and start getting a few splats to my name.

Supporting the Rainmaker happens too! I ink a path, but the green inklings come from behind, which I'm not aware of early enough. I turn and splat, but the Rainmaker is in its shield again. Breaking the shield and going for my first carry goes poorly, as does my immediate return.

Naturally, I lose track of the Rainmaker again, but pretend that I'm keeping watch. It's pretty convincing, even if the green team get a mighty lead whilst I'm on watch. I cover up some of their mess, kinda being in the wrong place again, but the Carbon Roller really relies on staying hidden in ink, so it's helpful in a way.

Another Killer Wail avoided! I'm on fire. But the green team has the Rainmaker in our territory as the timer ticks down. We just about grab it back to force the battle in to extra time, but what are the odds of snatching the victory?

Whatever the odds, every squid comes together as a team. I may finally succumb to a Killer Wail, but I've laid some ink, and can super-jump back to the Rainmaker, not losing track of it this time. A Wild Bubbler appears, but with a team behind him, the Rainmaker remains secure.

I focus a bit too much on reaching the podium, when we only needed to take the lead, but I like to think I helped in some way. Excellent victory for the team!

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