Stayin' (mostly) alive in Splat Zones (7-1, Carbon Roller Deco)

17th March 2017 – 7.00 pm

With my Seekers, the side route in Urchin Underpass looks more attractive for the starting surge. Less attractive when I still haven't quite got the hang of the Carbon Roller flick and struggle to get up a tiny wall. I didn't have this trouble with the Tri-slosher.

That was a good first Seeker, even if it got no one. The second isn't so great, but I follow it myself, and get in to the opening tussle for the Splat Zones. A shared Bubbler spurs me on, and I narrowly miss an inkling super-jumping back to base.

I get a little too spurred on, and although I get my first splatting it is in a very bad position and am splatted too. I should be more careful. And so I get more careful!

I make sure there is plenty of blue ink around, stay in it as much as possible, and try to engage when the situation looks good. And when an Echolocator hits, I back off to safety. When you need to stay hidden ink to be effective, and you can't be hidden in ink, you won't be effective.

Suction Bomb Rush is countered by Seeker Bomb Rush, and super-jumping inklings are despatched as they land. Our team has a good handle on the battle, and good control over the turf.

I help with the efforts too, getting a good double splat, amongst other splats, and inking turf either in the Splat Zones or beyond it. The battle looks so assured, I'm happy to have a little dance at the end. Sometimes S Rank battling isn't so bad.

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