Helping where I can in Splat Zones (11-9, Carbon Roller Deco)

18th March 2017 – 7.00 am

Practice makes perfect! I make it up that small wall in Urchin Underpass really easily this time. The Seeker doesn't do much from the ledge, and I am harried off by yellow ink, but that's okay. I go the other way around to help out squidmates in trouble, and do my bit. It's not much.

A quick wander around the Splat Zones accidentally finds me one squid to splat, and covering the yellow ink has my rolling over an unaware Dynamo Roller. Squished by a Carbon Roller, how embarrassing!

My Seeker Rush helps cover the Splat Zones a bit, but not even Ninja Squid can help me hide from a Kraken who has already spotted me. I follow that up by bagging a double splat on a Slosher and the Dynamo Roller. I don't survive uninked, but I'm okay with this trade.

As we lose the Splat Zones again, I make a daring jump, flicking at the end to bag a really nice splat! I look to move on to find more splats, but realise the counter is ticking down for the yellow team. I turn back to help, because that's kinda the point of the battle.

Beating a Dynamo Roller in a flicking contest isn't difficult with a Carbon Roller, but it's still satisfying. I get another splat after that, and although another one or two look good, a surprise Kraken ends my mini-streak. Never mind, we take the lead soon after!

An Echolocator means I need to stay safe for a bit, but when it goes I push forwards, flying past an inkling who avoids enough of my flicked ink to complete the jump. Nice acrobatics, inkling! I need some manoeuvring too, as an Inkstrike lands, and once again I beat the Dynamo to a flick, but not the inkling behind her.

Lurking for a sneaky splat only has a Slosher covering over the blue ink with me in it. So it goes. I get my own back when, after dive-bombing a Splattershot, I splat the super-jumping Slosher on landing. Half-a-minute to go, and we need to get the Splat Zones back.

Getting rid of the Slosher again helps a bit, and my Seeker Rush charges but I don't quite get them aiming across the Splat Zones. There is a moment of respite, as we stop the counter, but it's only a moment. Our lead diminishes and vanishes, the yellow team making a great effort in the last part of the battle.

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