Providing forward support in Rainmaker (6-1, Tri-slosher)

1st April 2017 – 7.00 pm

Not so slick a start to diving down Moray Towers, but at least I don't fall off the edge. Not that I did that in the last game, nopers. Rather than foolishly head straight in to buckets of ink being thrown at the Rainmaker, I head around inking turf and charging my Bubbler.

I start to head up and behind the yellow team, but the Rainmaker has been grabbed and is close, so I turn my attention back behind me. I splat the Rainmaker, then head back a bit, to avoid yellow inky pressure that doesn't seem to come.

As I review the footage, it seems the yellow team decide to ink ahead. Not a bad idea, and as the Rainmaker shield bursts I do the same, although why I don't pause to slosh the Splatterscope from above, I don't know. At least my squidmates have the Rainmaker under control, so I feel okay with claiming some turf. I only get half-way up a wall before being stopped, sadly.

All my good work has been covered up. Well, not for long! I think I see an inkling in the ink, but it's just the weapon sinking after a splatting. I move up to make it up the wall, but the Splatterscope casually walks past in the background. I can splat him! Not as easily as I'd like, but I do.

Onwards and upwards, and using the pathways to block ink whilst sloshing over the top works well for me. Now I can reach even greater heights, inking all the way to the podium. Call me optimistic. Very optimistic, as I turn back to see mostly yellow turf, and the Rainmaker unhealthily far in our territory.

I drop back down and drop near the Splatterscope again. Again I use my Bubbler to get the splat, which works but it would be nice if I could get a surprise splat as more of a surprise. Back to covering up turf. I soon have the Splatterscope on my back, and from this range I have to hide. I'm the more patient, it seems.

My squidmates are working the Rainmaker well. Getting it back from the yellow team and making good pushes. I'm hoping that my forward inking is helping in its way. I finally make my way up the wall, and head all the way up to the podium again, where the Splatterscope waits for me. My Bubbler is ready.

My Bubbler is very handy for dealing with Bombs too, and plinking one out of existence lets me keep purple ink around me. I do a bit of a dance with another inkling, as my squidmates take the lead, and turn back in time to throw out a 'Nice!' as I watch my team dunk the Rainmaker. Good job, everyone.

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