Hard-fought Splat Zones (9-9, Carbon Roller Deco)

2nd April 2017 – 7.00 am

Splat Zones aren't going well for me so far this evening. Arguably, they still aren't. I'm trying to use my Carbon Roller Deco more to its advantages now, as the switch from the Tri-slosher made me a little aggressive in its use.

I can't do much without inked turf, so I try to keep the turf inked and hold back a bit more, but it's difficult when the other team manages to push so high. I can't even roll turf effectively without being vulnerable. It can be a tricky balance.

After the first splat, I head down the right-hand ledge. Un unusual route, I have to admit, as it doesn't take me near our Splat Zone and can look to be mostly useless. But what it does do is give me line-of-sight to our Splat Zone, not so bad for Seekers, and the potential to drop down behind yellow inklings not expecting someone to come from this direction.

It's a bold move to squid up to an Inkzooka, but it pays off this time. If only I had managed to jump on to the block when I pop my Seeker Rush, as I intended to, maybe the Rush would have gone better. Never mind, I get my inkling too.

I try to sit back and provide some inky support, rather than racing forwards, but it seems like we've got some good turf control. I move up, and practice a bit of caution slightly further forwards instead. I think my Seeker Rush is ready when it isn't, but only by a second, but that second pushes an Echolocator on me, so it's backwards I go.

I think I'm a bit unlucky at the tentacles of that Wasabi Splattershot, to be honest. But so it goes. And I am certainly an uncoordinated mess when I get to the top of the map and try to make my Seeker Rush count. It doesn't. The same happens when I think I have the drop on a Blaster. I don't. The battle is not going too well for me.

My timing improves, and a Seeker lets me get to the yellow Splat Zone, and my Roller lets me ink it quickly. Then back again to keep the turf blue, and a nicely used Seeker Rush gets me right back to the yellow Splat Zone, where more good timing splats some more inklings. This is better.

We take the lead! The yellow team won't take this sitting down, and they press for turf coverage on their way to our Splat Zone. I try to balance caution with aggression, pushing for splats but not pursuing out of my range. But it's all a bit hectic in the middle.

My Inkzooka approach goes poorly the second time, about as well as squidding away from our base afterwards. I'm heading for the path I made earlier, which I hope will be very useful now. As suspected, the yellow inklings are looking the other way, and an Echolocator lets me get a really easy splat, before I use a Seeker to sneak my way to their Splat Zone.

I stop their counter, capture the Splat Zone, and throw out a 'Nice!' because it makes me happy. The yellow team are hot on my heels, and although I am splatted for one last time, I have done enough to help end the battle in our favour. Woomy!

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