Some good splats in the Splat Zones (11-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

3rd April 2017 – 7.00 pm

Camp Triggerfish Splat Zones has been going well for me with the Carbon Roller Deco tonight, so I start this battle as I have the others. I would say it works even better than usual, but I don't think I really had a hand in it.

Even so, I keep the good start going, launching the occasional Seeker towards the green base, lurking for surprise splats, and retreating when it seems like a good idea. This keeps me unsplatted for a surprising length of time.

Nothing lasts forever, particularly when water is involved, and I manage to break my streak by diving off the platform like an uncoordinated drunk. Still, we have a huge lead, that mistake probably won't matter.

Seeing green up ahead, I take the direct route and return our Splat Zone to a nice shade of blue, before heading around the side, across the bridge, to return to the other Splat Zone. I think I do well in splatting the Kraken, but a green inkling has other ideas. We agree to disagree.

Echolocators are really annoying with the Carbon Roller, more so when enjoying Ninja Squid normally. I have to do my best to hide in other ways and be unpredictable whilst its on me. I must be doing okay, as I close with the Splatterscope effectively.

My Seeker Rush turns the Splatterscopes splatting in to a triple splat, but my timing between the Suction Bombs is not up to scratch. And I think I'm on for another mutit-splat when I return, but my flick catches just the one of the pair of inklings, and I am quickly overwhelmed by the survivor and his friend. So it goes.

I think I've got the drop on a Gal, but he squids quicker than I expect. At least I am sensible and keep myself in our own ink, which results in a rather good Seeker splat on the Gal's return. I even stay safe and unsplatted when forced in to cover behind a block. Usually, I jump ahead in to inevitable doom. This is progress.

My doom comes anyway, but it is by a bit of bad luck with the timing, and I get two more splats out of it, so that's pretty good. As the clock runs down, the Splat Zones need a little bit of attention. I stay behind the much better suited Dynamo Roller to start with, then apply my own kind of pressure, and we end the battle victorious.

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