Forward pressure in Rainmaker (4-1, Tri-slosher)

6th April 2017 – 7.00 pm

Okay, I said it's easier to move from the Carbon Roller to the Tri-slosher, but the evening starts with Rainmaker on Moray Towers and Arowana Mall. This calls for the bucket! Once again, it seems like all the cool kids come out to play on a Monday night, so the battles get quite tough, but I can still hold my own most of the time.

I choose a different route to the centre at the start of this battle. The right-hand corridor feels quicker, but you can't see a thing about what's happening, particularly if there is a charger just over the other side. At least this way I can see what's happening and decide what to do from there. Charge in, apparently.

Of course I try to sneak around the back. Why not? Mostly because the perch has been cleared by excellent squidmates by the time I get there. But I have inked a path, am in a good position, and the Rainmaker is available. I can make this work, particularly with an Echolocator active.

My squidmates make it work better than me, although perhaps my already inked path has paid off. The Rainmaker speeds to the final and most dangerous ridge, right before the podium, as quickly as I can get there. I try to shield the Rainmaker, but the ink coming over the top can be relentless. Still, we've got this far!

I see a gap, squid for it, and am stopped in mid-air. I'm not even mad. And I can always super-jump back, as can my squidmates, to keep the pressure as relentless as the green ink. I take the opportunity to squeeze through a gap to gain an advantage, and I clear the area. If only I had more ink!

A squidmate is coming to my position. It may not be the best position, though, so I move out to make it safer. Up the top looks to be good, it's where the green inklings are. And from there I can slosh, splat, and ink, not quite in time to help my squidmate dunk the Rainmaker, but everything is coming up purple.

My Bubbler is charged, my ink tank is full, and there are no green inklings around. I empty my tank on the Rainmaker's Shield, grab the Rainmaker, and make the short dash up a remaining patch of purple on the podium. Dunking woomy!

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