Always forwards in Rainmaker (13-8, Carbon Roller Deco)

7th April 2017 – 7.00 am

Time for some quick Carbon Roller Deco fun before the battle modes change. The Seekers help us get to the centre of Arowana Mall nice and quickly, and I sneak past the Rainmaker to gives us an early advantage. That jump-splat would have been legendary, I reckon.

Back along the side corridor to ink some turf for more options, and not only flick over the head of a fellow Roller, but get a super-jumping squidmate in to the same position. Sorry about that. But the rest of our team is well ahead of us. We should join them.

I drop next to the Rainmaker and feel the pressure of that final ridge again. Whilst I can't slosh like the Tri-slosher, I have my Seekers. They won't be enough, and I dare to squid over the top, where a yellow inkling gets distracted by the Rainmaker. We lose the Rainmaker, but I clear the path for now, albeit a little close to a Suction Bomb Rush.

We look to have a constant presence near the podium, and it makes sense to keep that going. I keep an eye out for the Rainmaker, but lose track of it, so ink the way ahead. But there it is, above us! I don't think we can get that easily.

Okay, it was pretty easy, thanks to a Seeker and distracted inkling. But I get cocky, as often happens, and think I can outrange a Splattershot. Of course I can't! At least the Rainmaker is not up here any more. It's not gone far either, so it's right back in to the action. And I only stay there thanks to a squidmate taking the Inkzooka hit. I'd better get out of trouble.

Despite my good manoeuvring, my flicking lets me down a little again. It wasn't an easy shot, because of the jump, range, and steep ramp, but it would have been amazing, right? The lucky splat makes up for it a bit, but squidding in to a Splat Bomb was a bit careless.

I cleverly wait on a wall to splat the Rainmaker, but my brilliance is spoilt by a squidmate being more direct. No problem! Even better, when I can't get away from a Suction Bomb, I'm not actually carrying the Rainmaker. It takes me a few seconds to work that one out.

More super-jumping! More splatty confusion! I return as the battle enters extra time, the yellow team making one final push. Their victory is unlikely, but nothing can be taken for granted. I send a Seeker up the middle, but sensibly send myself around the side, and am able to dodge a blast and splat the Rainmaker to give us the victory. Woomy!

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