Carbon Roller double squish in Splat Zones (10-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

11th April 2017 – 7.00 am

Phew, I move just in time when lurking behind that wall. I don't want to rush in to being splatted, but I want to ink the Splat Zones. When nothing happens I push forwards, just as a Killer Wail starts to form around me. I must be feeling lucky, because rounding a corner and flicking some ink bags me a splat too.

Completing the circuit doesn't capture the Splat Zones, but I splat a Slosher on the grate above me. I back away from another Slosher and start throwing Seekers everywhere, having to avoid a yellow one myself. And back to lurking, as we control the Splat Zones and I look for the next opportunity.

Here it comes. I get rid of a pesky Sprinkler and see a Dynamo Roller head around the side. I wait, pounce, and get my splat. Nice! Even nice, rolling ahead finds what I think is another inkling, who I somehow manage to squish, but is in fact TWO other inklings who I somehow manage to squish. I'm not even mad that I get splatted back.

A bit of patrolling doesn't quite go to plan. I don't ink the wall well enough to squid up, I don't splat an inkling I happen upon, and I somehow don't splat the Dynamo Roller that super-jumps in front of me. Never mind, keep doing what I'm doing, and the splats will come.

A Seeker Rush doesn't get any splats, but it covers a lot of turf, and we regain control of the Splat Zones nicely. And I spy a target. But she hunkers down pretty well to avoid my short-range attention whilst launching an Inkstrike, and the best I can do is get us both splatted.

The Dynamo Roller picks a poor moment to set up the Killer Wail, and is ganged up on to be splatted. But there is a lot of yellow ink now, enough for me to get bogged down chasing a Slosher, and stuck enough to be sloshed from behind. I think it was a different Slosher.

I go back to lurking, with the occasional Seeker, but easily get tempted back to hunting. But I regret it immediately when a Kraken appears next to me. I avoid the Kraken, but a super-jumping squidmate may be a target, so I stick nearby to help out, until an Inkstrike lands on me. I try to abort, but have a Slosher behind me, and run in to a Dynamo Roller. It's dangerous out there.

Here we go. Splatting a Slosher at range, getting a Seeker Rush for turf coverage and a splat, and avoiding the attentions of a yellow inkling or two. It's like I know what I'm doing. And the battle is pretty much decided when a puff of yellow smoke appears next to me, signalling the disappearance of an inkling. I think we had it in the bag by that point anyway. Woomy!

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