What a comeback in Squad Splat Zones (9-5, Tri-slosher)

12th April 2017 – 7.00 am

Sticking with a duo-squad and buckets for the two of us in Splat Zones for the moment. Hammerhead Bridge is a map where my position on the base pretty much suggests which way I go at the start, as everything seems viable. Left this time. In to the Splat Zones with my bucket buddy, and all looks okay. I press ahead to look for inklings, and find one quite quickly.

Our early lead disappears, but that's okay. There is plenty of time, and straight knockouts don't happen often. But it may almost happen to us. I catch the back of a purple inkling and pop my Bubbler to survive the Carbon Roller behind me, but the Bubbler runs out just as a pair of inklings appear as reinforcements. And still the purple counter ticks down.

Back to the Splat Zones, and quickly. I ink some turf, get a splat from the side, and avoid becoming a purple splotch, but it's not enough. My Bubbler is ready again, so I use it to press forwards just as the purple counter is stopped. That's something! I even spot the Carbon Roller trying to be sneaky, but my sloshing isn't quite on point enough to splat him unilaterally.

Our control is short-lived, and it looks like the battle is lost. But we stop their counter just in time, and regain control just as I am splatted back to base once more. Everything stays green for a fair while too, which at least gives us some breathing space when the purple team returns. But we're not going going away either.

Controlling more turf than the Splat Zones is important, but so, apparently, is guessing correctly where the Carbon Roller is. But our team is pulling it all together nicely, and I come back to controlled Splat Zones. This looks good enough for me to do some roaming. I get up the top, around the back, and can press from behind, which proves effective enough.

I think taking the lead deserves spamming the 'Nice!' button a bit, particularly as it means we are close to the knockout victory. A few more sloshes just to make sure we don't lose the Splat Zones, and we do indeed make quite the turnaround to get the knockout! Woomy!

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