Splatting to the podium in Rainmaker (10-3, Carbon Roller Deco)

17th April 2017 – 7.00 am

My Seeker is on the edge leading off this battle, but it's a straight line that I can follow. I hold back, not wanting to get mired in the initial tussle for the Rainmaker, where the Carbon Roller really doesn't want to be, and push forwards only when it looks like there is something I can do.

I can splat the Rainmaker. Probably. Given a few attempts. An opportunistic Seeker relieves some purple pressure too, but my ink is low, I'm surrounded by purple ink, and the Rainmaker's Shield is expanding in the wrong colour. It's good that I have my Seeker Rush ready!

My Seekers refill my ink tank and get the Rainmaker's Shield bursting with yellow, but for some reason the Seekers stop coming. What's gone wrong? Oh, I'm carrying the Rainmaker. It takes me a bit too long to realise this, longer than it takes to get splatted.

I return to the fray to ink some turf, and am happy for that inflatable wall. I get ready to repel intruders, and splat the first over the wall, amused to see that the Rainmaker apparently hasn't noticed this, and follows behind to get splatted. My own splat comes from a direction I hadn't expected.

That McJonni inkling has been pretty impressive with the E-litre 3K in the battles we've shared. There is no way I can approach him directly. Thankfully, there are other routes, one of which leads me through another inkling, and I manage to fluster the E-litre 3K enough to get close, splatting him as another inkling decides to super-jump here. Nice!

My squidmates are all pushing up with the Rainmaker, and I add to the yellow support with another Seeker Rush, which gets me a splat and close enough to a block to climb and splat the E-litre 3K looking the other way. One more Seeker splats a respawning inkling, sorry about that, and I wait for yet another to come my way, getting a bit lucky.

The Rainmaker is exposed and below me, so I drop down to see what I can do, just as things turn a bit purple. I help to ink the path to the podium, as the Rainmaker is grabbed by a squidmate, and he squids over our splatted bodies to the podium, for the knockout victory. Woomy!

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