Taking a contrary route to the Rainmaker (5-1, Carbon Roller Deco)

18th April 2017 – 7.00 pm

I do like going around the back. It doesn't always work, admittedly, and I need to be more aware of when I'm needed closer to the objective, but I like to think I help more than hinder. Mahi-Mahi Resort, despite it's puddles, offers some nice routes.

I don't go around the back to start with. I need ink to work in, and the initial tussle for the Rainmaker is when that ink goes down, so I take a conventional route at the start, sped along by my Seekers. But once we are moving forwards, I feel more comfortable moving around.

My squidmates take what seems to be a popular route this evening. It's more vulnerable to the water, but gets a bigger lead quicker. It's good for me too, because I get to roll along flat turf, moving quickly, making paths, and charging my Seeker Rush.

I wonder if the Slosher has seen me. Maybe, maybe not. She's not there when I decide to move, though. Still, my squidmates are still in control of the Rainmaker, so I stick around in my ink for a bit. The Splat Roller appears and seems to sit in his ink. A dive-bomb isn't aimed quite well enough, though.

The Rainmaker looks to be in capable tentacles, so I take a more direct route to the back again, where I make my presence known. No splats for me, but I hope I am at least a distraction. I move back, my squidmates move forwards. They are almost to the podium! That side route has really paid off.

I push ahead, as it looks like there is opportunity for splatting, given the Killer Wail that has been placed. I flick a bit early, stuck between rolling close and being seen, and being out of range and being seen. There's not much of a choice. But I am not noticed for long enough to bag a couple of splats.

And with two blue inklings out of the way, the other two thinking all the green inklings are elsewhere, it looks like my contrary manoeuvres have paid off too. I don't even need to burst the Rainmaker's Shield, the Killer Wail having done that. Just a bit of ink at my feet and on the podium, and it's a sneaky knockout victory for our team! Woomy!

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