Getting close in Tower Control (7-1, Tri-slosher)

21st April 2017 – 7.00 pm

Tower Control on Moray Towers means it's Tri-slosher time! I'm learning from other battles that jumping on to the Tower in a depression right in the middle of the map is a bad idea. I'm also learning to look before I leap. I can't remember which ledges are here and which aren't in Tower Control, and I'm glad I don't take any solid ground for granted.

I go looking for the charger when the initial madness calms down. It's only watching this back that I realise she stumbled off the ledge I'm aiming for, but she manages to get back to the perch, thanks to my pause to make sure I'm not being followed.

That's a nice triple-splat to start with. It would be nice to get the quad-splat, if only because the one inkling missing is riding the Tower. Still, There is only one of them at the moment, so I think I'm relatively safe in being up here. But I go back anyway, and get the last inkling for the set. Nice!

I go around the back again, and pass the Splatterscope coming down. I give mild chase, but go back to be in front of the Tower, where a squidmate's splatting makes me think I'm splatted. I doubt the pause caused my actual splatting, though. That Jet Squelcher will be a problem, probably more so than the Splatterscope. It has a really long range and can spray ink consistently. Give it the higher ground on Moray Towers, and it spells trouble.

I pause to cover some blue ink, survey the situation, and waste a Disruptor. The second is better, and helps clear the Tower. But that Jet Squelcher is there and causing problems. My Tri-slosher shouldn't cause it problems, but I have a disproportionate sense of skill with the bucket, and I go for it.

I get a bit tied up when another inkling drops in, and get covered in blue ink, but survive to retreat, coming back via less conventional routes. My little cat-and-mouse with the Jet Squelcher is a bit pointless at the moment, as the Tower is being pushed by the blue team on our side of the map. I should learn to pay more attention. At least I see that the Jet Squelcher super-jumps away.

And the Tower is ours again. I feel like I am helping once more. And as the blue inklings get sent back to base, they come to where I am. The Slosher is splatted, and the Jet Squelcher comes back. I'm quite proud of the wall kick I do to get closer, and finally I get a Disruptor on target. Pop goes the Jet Squelcher.

As a final act, I chase a blue inkling heading down towards the ever-progressing Tower. My squidmates take care of him. And to give the impression that I've been much more present than I actually have, I cheekily squid up to put feet on the Tower as it reaches the goal. Woomy!

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