Going for the charger in Rainmaker (13-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

6th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

What do I have against chargers? If I see one on the other team, they will almost certainly be my focus for most of the battle, particularly an E-litre 3K. Maybe I take it more as a challenge, to out-manoeuvre them and get under their long range. Maybe I see it as a duty to my team, to take the pressure off them. Either way, there's an E-litre 3K on the other team in this battle in Kelp Dome, and I know what I'm going to do.

Well, I don't rush in to a foolish splat for once, which is pretty good. I bide my time, jink along different routes, and admittedly miss my chance when it appears, but neither am I splatted. But I also am not with my squidmates as the Rainmaker is being carried quickly towards our podium. Silly me.

I get the splat on the E-litre 3K in the end, but at what cost? At what cost?! I hope to make up for it by actually working out where the Rainmaker is and going there, instead of squidding back to where I think it is. I happen to come up behind the blue inklings, get a splat on a super-jumper, and use a Seeker Rush to help burst the Rainmaker Shield and help us advance a little.

The E-litre 3K is back on the top of the ramp, but with the Rainmaker as a target and it blasting away, I can move forwards and flick enough ink to splat her again. I send a Seeker the way of the Podium, and an inkling in the way, but my habit of squidding afterward to recharge my ink forces me through the grate and down from my vantage point.

I make the best of the situation, trying to keep the Rainmaker for us, but the E-litre 3K is starting to get wise to me and gets a good splat. I come back to approach from a different angle, and sneak through some ink until an Echolocator foils my plan. I still get a splat, on a rather reckless inkling, but as I retreat the E-litre 3K shows me her range. Damn.

I go back to challenge her again, and am doing okay until I wrongly guess which way she went. I should probably get splatted by someone different for a change. I get to the centre of the map and gauge the situation. We lose the Rainmaker. I think going around the side would be a good idea. I do so, with some caution, and a good idea it is! And I am stopped on my mini-rampage by an inkling than the E-litre 3K. Everything is coming up roses.

The blue team get the Rainmaker back, but close to their podium, and a bit of inky mayhem follows as they try to get over the inkable block, and we push them back. Two of us decide to go around the side, and whilst that's good for some splats, the Rainmaker escapes and makes a good run for it. There's not much I can do here, but the E-litre 3K is around and she holds my attention. Eventually I have to make a break for it, though, and I track back.

I pause to consider stopping for the E-litre on the other side of the block, but an Echolocator convinces me to support the Rainmaker instead. Good idea! I try to provide some ink paths, push the E-litre 3K off her perch, and push around to see if we can sneak the lead, but it's too little too late from me. Sorry, team.

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