Getting the splats around the Splat Zones (9-1, Carbon Roller Deco)

10th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm having another run of unsatisfactory battles. It won't get better by my being more aggressive, but by my battling smarter. As if to prove the point, rushing to get across to the other side of Camp Triggerfish merely runs me in to a Carbon Roller with better reflexes than me.

Can I turn my game around and approach the Splat Zones more sensibly? Using the ink half-covering the Splat Zones, and my Ninja Squid t-shirt, I can to start with. I sneak close enough to get the splat on the Carbon Roller who is hassling my squidmate, and the resulting ink splot gives me room to manoeuvre to the side of the Hydra Splatling. That's already better!

Battles are won and lost by controlling turf, so I start covering over what I can. That turns in to an awful lot more green ink to cover, thanks to a rush of Burst Bombs, but we ink over the mess soon enough, capture the Splat Zones, and take the lead.

I loiter at the side for a bit, but think I can do more. My Seeker Rush is ready, and I have a fairly clear path to be a nuisance. I make sure all the green inklings are unsplatted, hopefully putting them in front of me, and make my way across the bridge to rush some Seekers. First Seeker is a beaut! So good, I think some of the others should head towards the base. Not for long, as a Carbon Roller reminds me he's still there, but thankfully from too far away.

Things get a bit messy for a few seconds, as I head in to a fully green Splat Zone, but I get away with it, thanks to some dodgy flicking and inky pressure from my squidmates from behind. Time for a small breather. The Splat Zone seems unpressed for the moment, and I try the wall trick again to be unassuming. I still can't quite hang there. And I pick my moment to drop down, launching a Seeker just as an inkling shows himself.

My squidmates and I push towards the green base to make it more awkward for them to leave, but I hear an Inkzooka, and see it firing across our Splat Zone. I should get over there. I realise maybe I could have super-jumped back to base half-way across the bridge, but it's too late by then. But it looks like I'm just in time to help recover our Splat Zone.

One Carbon Roller is splatted, a second pops up at just the right time for me to see and flick at him. Just the Hydra Splatling left, and this is where my Seekers will come in handy. Even better that I have a Seeker Rush ready, forcing the Hydra Splatling to one side and laying down some ink to Ninja Squid through. It does the trick nicely.

Only a bit of tidying up is required, and although I see a green inkling heading my way, I don't realise just how close to winning we are. A knockout victory for us, and a personal victory for not banging my head in to threats! Woomy!

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