Splats but no success in Tower Control (16-8, Blaster)

11th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm still trying to improve my battling skills with a regular foray with the Blaster. I think it's working to some extent, but I often forget what I'm trying to do and revert to charging ahead hoping to get some splats. That's part of my battling I need to work on more. Another area is paying more attention to the objective.

I don't exactly ignore the objective, but there are perhaps too many times when I lose track of quite what is happening with it. I don't mind losing if I have a good battle, but winning whilst having a good battle would be sweeter still. I also still have to get used to the dead time between shots with the Blaster, and try to ensure no Splat Bombs roll my way just before starting a shot. Oops.

Squidding through my Blaster's inky trail when the rest of the turf is the opponents' colour is probably not wise, as it seems pretty obvious where I'd be, but sometimes you have to risk it to clear the inklings so that you can ink over the turf. I'm still not entirely sure why some of my indirect shots don't get a splat on the second hit, but I'm sure it's to do with my poor aiming. The occasional direct hit, lucky or otherwise, mostly makes up for the misses.

I miss seeing the Octobrush drop down in front of me, and push on unsighted anyway. I am quite startled when she pops up out of seemingly nowhere, and a little disappointed in myself when I see we were one point away from taking the lead. I also don't see the next Splat Bomb until I dedicate myself to a Blaster shot, which partly helps the blue team extend their lead.

A Killer Wail covers the Tower nicely, as well as an Inkstriking inkling, who I have to wait to splat. Squidding up the Tower when trying to avoid that Inkstrike doesn't quite go to plan either. Now we have the Tower close to our goal, and a Splatterscope putting us in the crossfire. With a bit of luck, I force the Splatterscope in to a mistake, and get myself in to a good position to defend the Tower.

We've defended against the knockout defeat successfully, but it's a mighty long way to push the Tower if we want the victory. I don't see it happening, about as clearly as I don't see the Range Blaster splatted by what looked like good shots. So it goes. What's worse, though, is that two of us jumped off the Tower to push ahead, and a blue inkling took advantage of the empty Tower to push it the other way. I really need to be paying more attention.

It's not a smart idea to jump in front of an Inkzooka, and maybe dropping down from the top would have been a better idea, but sometimes I'm not that smart. At least I get the splat. I remember my Disruptor again when I've got a clear throw, which helps us repel the Tower when it's once more too close to the goal, and even though it seems that I wait a bit too long to use my charged Killer Wail, it is quite effective when I finally pull it out, getting another splat afterwards for a neat triple.

We get one last chance at pushing for the lead and victory as the battle enters extra time, and although I doubt we'll make it now, as we haven't got close yet, I try my best to keep the Tower moving. I survive one close call, but a Splat Bomb ends my contribution, and the battle ends moments afterwards. Never mind.

Ah, losing only one ranking point means we lost an inkling. Ah, I see. At 4'22", our first inkling disappears in a puff of yellow dust.

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