Inking the way for the Rainmaker (7-4, Tri-slosher)

12th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

It's always good to get close to the Rainmaker as soon as possible, but rarely good to get next to it as soon as possible. So I get close and decide what's going on first. Bumping in to a rolling squidmate makes me think the way ahead can't be too hazardous, and I see that the Rainmaker's Shield is green-ish, so I push ahead and help burst it.

It's probably not safe to grab the Rainmaker right now, as I can't see any support nearby. Instead, I act as support, and move towards trouble. Thankfully, I avoid the trouble and get one splat, as the Rainmaker squids past me. He takes the trouble, though, and all I can do is avenge him.

An Echolocator and charger bearing down on me doesn't make me feel safe, and it's soon shown that I'm not safe. I am hit by another Echolocator on my return, which is annoying, and I'm not sure what my options are. Start again, it seems.

I see the Inkstrike before it happens, but from too far away to prevent it. I try to catch the inkling who launched the strike, but he squids backwards unexpectedly, and I am a bit lucky to get away myself. Another Echolocator hits me, but thankfully the only inkling around to hit me is the Splat Charger at close range, and my bucket keeps me going.

I search for the Rainmaker, and find it half-way up a wall. A minor diversion with a Tri-slosher uses up my Bubbler, and I'm up the wall and grabbing the Rainmaker. Well, not quite up the wall, and I struggle more than I should to get up to the top, but I'm determined to make it.

I get us a decent lead by reaching the top of the wall. If only I had got up there sooner it would be greater, but never mind. The Rainmaker is still where I dropped it, and it looks safe to super-jump to a squidmate. I don't quite protect our charger, but clear the area anyway, and as squdimates are coming behind me I leave the Rainmaker to them and start inking the path to the podium.

I catch the Inkstriker before he can regain his bearings, and ink right up to the podium. The Splat Charger is back, but I get his attention and splat him as another blue inkling drops down. I'm happy to take the ink, because a squidmate with the Rainmaker squids up behind me, to the top of the podium, dunking the Rainmaker! Woomy!

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