Splatty Rainmaker goes nowhere (14-5, Tri-slosher)

13th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

I see that Hyrda Splatling, and stupidly think it's a good idea to find and splat them immediately. So it goes that I run in to a Nozzlenose. Dunno how that happened. I see how my next splatting happens, though. I have a great idea to ambush an Inkzooka from behind, but don't want to jump in front of it, so instead I drop behind it. As it turns out, that's not a good option either.

I go back the same way again, rarely learning my lessons, but pause to consider my options. My best option, apparently, is to squid in to the Hydra Splatling with a charged Bubbler. But somehow I come out of the encounter unsplatted, and with a splat under my belt of the Nozzlenose, and continue to chase the Splatling with my own Bubbler charged! I don't think I realise it's charged, though.

Teal ink everywhere, and a Rainmaker amongst it! The only good thing about most of the team being splatted is that we are where we need to be, and press forwards at the same time to ink the turf, splat the teal team, and recover the Rainmaker. And when I push forwards to help our advance, I remember my Bubbler! Yay?

I remember the spot behind the wall where I'm safe even if the Rainmaker's Shield spreads ink everywhere, which really helps. And I finally splat the Hydra Splatling. A trip around the back goes much better than before, as does using my Bubbler, as does sloshing for the Hydra Splatling. Now we just need to make a decent push with the Rainmaker.

A sneak around the back, hoping my squidmates are taking care of the Rainmaker situation, frustrates the Nozzlenose again, which leads me back to supporting the team more directly. I even end up in front of the Rainmaker. If only I could have reacted slightly quicker to the Carbon Roller, maybe we could have pushed for the lead.

A nice bit of patience gets me a couple of splats, a third missed out on my my aim only slightly lacking. I like to think I make up for this by splatting the Rainmaker, and using a block to my advantage against the unexpecting Carbon Roller. More splats are coming, which pleases me, but I lose track of the Rainmaker, which doesn't.

Trying to get my bearings doesn't really help, mostly because I'm distracted by the Carbon Roller, and by the time I realise what we need to do, time has run out. It was a fun battle, I got a bunch of splats, but we couldn't quite get the Rainmaker where it needed to go.

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