Doing just enough in Rainmaker (13-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

15th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm not sure why I have trouble finding puddles of my own ink, but I still do. That's okay, as it's obvious and just a little adjustment is needed so that I can recharge my ink tank and launch a Seeker. The first is a bit of a dud, seeking an inkling not on a straight path. The second gets a nice splat.

I am having to catch up to the Rainmaker a bit too early in the battle for my liking, but doing so lets me be behind the yellow team, which lets me a get a splat. A quickly launched Seeker gets instant revenge, though. I come back launching more Seekers, letting them do the work of inking turf where the yellow team are, and hopefully stopping their advance. But they can't stop a Kraken.

There's a bit of a brouhaha on our side of the map as the yellow inklings try to clear a path before bursting the Rainmaker's Shield, and just when I think I've splatted the main culprit, the Carbon Roller Deco pops up from the puddles and shows me I haven't. And a pesky N-ZAP appears in the background too. This isn't looking good.

The yellow turf looks dangerous, but I can't stay out of it for too long. Thankfully, a squidmate made a quick move with the Rainmaker, dropping it from our mezzanine to the lower level, and the yellow inklings follow. One still tries to blaze a trail, but I spot his squidding and flick the quickest.

I try to use my Seeker Rush to its potential, but have the good sense to interrupt it to flick at a pair of yellow inklings squidding up the wall. I get one splat, keep myself unsplatted, and still manage to get a Seeker splat behind the Rainmaker, even if it's not quite in time to prevent us losing the Rainmaker.

A lucky guess splats who I suppose is the Carbon Roller behind a Seeker, and an exchange of Inkstrikes bursts the Rainmaker's Shield but keeps the Rainmaker our of yellow tentacles. And although it looks like one yellow inkling is gone, given the puff of yellow dust, four squids reappear at the top of the screen soon enough. I guess he went for a swim.

Going in to yellow territory nearly has my timing going wrong, but I survive and launch a Seeker Rush, which works well on this level but can't really compete with Seekers launched from above. I see a yellow Instrike, and the yellow team have the Rainmaker. I see the carrier jinking and do the same, managing to intercept him for the splat. I also remember that trying to squid past the Rainmaker's Shield over water is a bit too hazardous, and don't attempt it.

An inkling behind a Seeker becomes a Kraken. Pausing to let it past looks like an opportunity to stop the Rainmaker again, but a well-timed and position Inkstrike forces me to go the long way around. I splat a squidding inkling, but can't get to the Rainmaker in time to stop us losing the lead by a point.

We burst the Shield, grab the Rainmaker, but for some reason I think heading around the back is a better idea than direct support, even though we only need to get the Rainmaker just over the ledge to get the lead back. Naturally, we lose the Rainmaker early, and I am nowhere near being helpful. Then again, as I turn the corner, I splat the Carbon Roller just as the Rainmaker's Shield bursts, which feels like an advantage.

I drop down to keep on splatting, but something's wrong. Ah, I've picked up the Rainmaker by mistake. I roll with it, and manage to direct a full-power blast out to splat the immediate threat, and decide to follow the ink. Now that was a good idea. Just getting to the top of the other ledge gives us back the lead. Going the long way around and falling on the Rainmaker worked out after all!

I don't keep the Rainmaker for long, but my squidmates are there to apply a bit of pressure, enough for me to squid back as the yellow team retake possession. I think I'm positioned well to stop their advance, even with an Inkstrike coming down, until a Seeker from behind surprises me. But with little time left, and my squidmates returning, the battle is won. Only just, but enough. Woomy!

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