Some splats in Rainmaker (13-6, Tri-slosher)

15th May 2017 – 7.00 am

I wasn't taking a look around as the battle starts, my cat had just brought in a mouse and I managed to get it isolated and safe before rushing back to my Gamepad. I didn't miss much, and I don't get splatted by the Rainmaker's Shield.

A little to-and-fro with Point Sensors and Disruptors gets both teams nowhere, and the first head-on encounter has a Kraken head towards me with a Bubbler prepared. I push through the Kraken to where the rest of the inklings are, and splat two, with a third splatted by a squidmate.

That squidmate grabs the Rainmaker and takes the lead nicely. I follow a bit behind, and take my time to try to stop the next push. My stealthy approach works pretty well. I just about squid out of the way of a Splat Bomb, and push forwards to find the thrower. And I keep going. I don't have a Disruptor to make it easier, but my Bubbler is ready again, making me safe.

We're not getting the Rainmaker to the podium this time, and my little sprint is pretty much a wasted endeavour. The saving grace is that, on my way back, I splat the Rainmaker easily from behind, and two of the support inklings as well. With no support of my own around, I ink turf instead of bursting the shield, and dodge the brush's Splat Bombs again. There's no dodging an Inkzooka from that range, though.

A nice bit of sloshing stops the Rainmaker again, but not too effectively. I am caught by the Rainmaker's blast and in the crossfire of two support inklings, and they stick around the grab the Rainmaker again and push for the lead, which the yellow team gets. I suppose a little desperation sets in early as I try to stem the expansion of the Rainmaker's Shield, when I should have just hung back. Silly me.

Our Carbon Roller's on his game, at least. He splats the yellow team, bursts the Rainmaker open, and makes a break for the other side of the map. I join in support, along with our other squidmates, splatting a couple of yellow inklings on our way to re-take the lead. And we go further. My Bubbler charges and I pop it, trying to keep the Rainmaker safe, but I am pushed back, exposing the Rainmaker to yellow ink. Still, we have a good lead!

We have to keep a determined yellow team from re-taking the lead for themselves. They push back quickly and hard, and get further than they did before. But we manage to hold them back. For now, at least. There's a whole lot of yellow ink around that makes it easy for them to move around. I start inking over the yellow with blue, when I spy a tell-tale shadow. I squid up, missing the passing inkling but helping splat a super-jumper, popping my Bubbler just in time to defuse a Splat Bomb under my feet.

All that's left to do is keep the Rainmaker safe for a few more seconds. With most of the yellow team currently out of action, it's pretty simple task. A win for the blue team, woomy!

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