Twice the splats in Rainmaker (14-7, Carbon Roller Deco)

16th May 2017 – 7.00 pm

Will a Seeker drive over the podium? I give it a go, because the launch routes from the base are limited, and it does. That's handy. Otherwise pushing forwards with a Seeker at the start of this battle goes a bit awry, and an Echolocator discourages me from going far on my return. At least I practice some caution as some green ink flies my way, and pop up with some good timing.

The green team takes a moderate lead early on, but with that lead comes a lot of green ink, pretty much covering all the turf up to the Rainmaker. We really need to do something about that, and I do what I can, which includes a nice splat against an inkling trying to sneak around our side. Pushing forwards whilst Echolocated is risky, but works when the other team isn't paying attention, and my Seekers seek the Carbon Roller from behind.

I try to keep as much turf purple as possible, which makes it look like I'm just running laps, but I also need to avoid green ink coming my way. I squid up to support the Rainmaker with a Seeker Rush, and drop down to try to make more Seekers count. I think my run is over when I end up next to a Suction Bomb, but it's okay, as it doesn't splat me. Another inkling has that covered.

I am perhaps a little too keen to cover green ink near our base, but the intent is good. And although inking walls does nothing in Turf War, stopping easy vertical routes for the other team is always a good idea in Ranked battles. My squidmates take the lead with a decent Rainmaker push, and I win the little battle of Seekers through the open Rainmaker, before dropping down to help my squidmates chase an inkling.

I think about heading around the side of the green team, but they pick up the Rainmaker, and I decide to head back to help more directly. I get splatted instead, as do my squidmates, but so it goes. Now the green team can push relatively freely, and our lead looks to be in danger. I do some nifty manoeuvring up and down to avoid a Rainmaker blast and green ink, popping up to get a couple of good splats. Sadly, neither is on the Rainmaker, who sends another blast that splats me before walking in to a more commanding lead.

We get the Rainmaker back easily enough, and push forwards as a team quite effectively. Again my Seekers come in handy, and we get the Rainmaker a good distance forwards. We lose it a couple of times but recover and keep pushing, and I am there to help until I squid up on to a ledge that has a waiting Suction Bomb.

A nicely timed Killer Wail looks like it will help keep our push alive, and I super-jump back to try to provide support, but as the seconds tick down the Rainmaker is lost, and we don't have time to recover it. Never mind, it was a pretty fun battle!

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