Sprinkler splats in Tower Control (7-4, Kelp Splat Charger)

20th May 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm still not quite used to not having my whole field-of-view zoom in as I charge, but that's a good Sprinkler throw right at the start of the battle. It's certainly better than my aim with the Splat Charger, or my aim to squid in my own ink. Must try harder!

I try to make up for my shortcomings as a charger by hopping on to the Tower. A squidmate joins me, and leaves me to join me, and leaves me to join me. He's named Jumper, and looks to be super-jumping to me to protect himself and keep the Tower moving for longer. It's probably an 'advanced' strategy by high-rank inklings, so it's no surprise that he is a smurf.

I've mentioned how much I hate smurfs in my battles, but it's worth mentioning again. Smurfs often trivialise our efforts when they're on our side, and stomp us soundly when on the other. It's no fun either way. Please just let me be average with other average people. Still, check out my splat on that jumping squid! If only I could hit the stationary one afterwards.

I wait for the brush to squid up the wall, ready to snap a shot at her. But she doesn't come. I pull a shot at the charger below me too, but still get a splat, thanks to the Sprinkler on the Tower. Nice! I replace it, but the Roller isn't worried, and I don't catch him as he jumps from the Tower. An Inkstrike removes my next Sprinkler, and my throwing lets me down after that. And, hey, I'm flanked and splatted by another smurf. Woo.

The Splattershot smurf doesn't go away, and I'm not jumping down to be stomped on. Thankfully, my squidmates have pushed the Tower far enough to make him retreat, so I cover his tracks, which charges my Killer Wail. My Killer Wail then splats the smurf. I like that. I push up to recover the Tower, but the Tower rejects me. Thankfully, it turns a corner, letting me catch up just before I drop to my doom. That lets me snap off a decent shot at the Roller, before being roundly splatted by the Splattershot smurf.

I try to clear up after the Roller and Splattershot who have come up and around, and one shot looks really lucky, getting a splat from nowhere. But it's not the shot that got the splat, it's my freshly thrown Sprinkler again. They are really coming in handy. As the Tower moves forwards again, I drop down to try to splat the Splatterscope, but she squids on to the side of the Tower. Admittedly, my first shot isn't great, but it inks the side above her, so she can't go up. And there's only water below her. That lets me splat her at my leisure. Which I need. Still, it's a nice splat.

With the Tower coming back my way, free of inklings, I squid on to it to keep it moving in the right direction. There's not much time left to go, and with some good support from my squidmates, I manage to stay on the Tower to end the battle in our favour.

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