Keeping the Splat Zones blue (7-2, Tri-slosher)

4th June 2017 – 7.00 pm

Quick sloshing gets me above and to the flank of the yellow team nicely, all except for one yellow inkling who splats me back to base. At least I splat him too, so I don't feel my time was wasted, particularly as my squidmates capture the Splat Zones almost immediately afterwards.

The yellow team take control just as quickly, and we lose the lead as well. I return to help take some inky pressure off a squidmate, and skirt backwards to take pressure off myself. I ignore sloshing on to the Splat Zones for some unknown reason, but work my way through them soon enough.

I give the yellow team some blue pressure for a bit, forcing a Splash Wall and Kraken down on me, as it seems that three inklings are focussed on me. That's good, because even though I don't quite survive the Kraken, the distraction lets us capture the Splat Zones again.

A squidmate keeps the attention of an N-ZAP, letting me splat them from their flank, and from there we keep the pressure just above the Splat Zones to keep the colour a healthy blue, for the most part. A couple of yellow incursions are thwarted, before I decide to head up and around the back.

I don't so much catch a yellow inkling as he catches me, but I pop my Bubbler in good time. It's a bit of an embarrassment that I miss the Splatterscope with her back turned to be, but together with a Roller we get the splat.

And with that, the battle is won. Woomy!

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