Helping with the push in Rainmaker (10-5, Kelp Splat Charger)

7th June 2017 – 7.00 pm

Mmm, a double-splat from bursting the Rainmaker's Shield. That's a sweet start to the battle. Even better, my untimely Killer Wail actually works out. We have to burst the shield again, but we grab the Rainmaker with a relatively clear run, and make a small push forwards. The Echolocator doesn't help, though, and by the time I'm splatted, none of us are left standing.

If only the yellow team realised they had wiped us, maybe they would have pushed a bit harder a bit quicker. As it is, they take the lead, but perhaps not as convincingly as they could have. Still, it's not much better with us. We tip the balance in our favour and burst the Rainmaker out of its shield, but no one wants to pick it up. In my defence, I can ink long straight lines, and push ahead to do that. But I suppose my squidmates thought along the same lines.

It's a bit embarrassing to squid backwards in to a Splat Bomb, but so it goes. And as I return, a squidmate grabs the Rainmaker and squids forwards to give us the lead again. I look to ink some turf, and spy an inkling coming my way. I don't get flustered and squid backwards in to the Splat Bomb this time, but my charge keeps me still long enough for that not to matter.

I deal with some pressure near to our podium quite well, holding the line nicely. My Killer Wail is poorly timed, though. The Rainmaker isn't being carried, so all I do is burst the shield for the yellow team to recover the Rainmaker again. Never mind, I plat the Rainmaker nicely on its approach. My next Killer Wail is better, creating a path for the Rainmaker to stay safe in, splatting one yellow inkling directly, and having a rather absent-minded inkling wander in to its dying noise to save me having to aim.

With some good coordination, we move the Rainmaker up the Port effectively, albeit in two pushes. We run out of steam quite close to the podium, and I am forced to retreat. Not in to a Splat Roller, that's just coincidence. The yellow team gets the Rainmaker back, but not for long, and when it's back in our tentacles we show good coordination again.

The obvious yellow ink is avoided, blue ink is laid down, and the Rainmaker moves steadily forwards. I find myself at the podium and get my Splat Charger spitting out blue ink on the ramp to help with the push. I am splatted for being there, but my ink helps, and my squidmate dunks the Rainmaker. Woomy!

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