Some good aiming in Rainmaker (9-9, Kelp Splat Charger)

7th June 2017 – 7.00 am

I may have burst the Rainmaker's Shield in our favour, and kept it out of teal tentacles, but I clearly wasn't paying attention to my flanks. So it goes. I make up for it, and more, with some supernatural timing. Whoever picked up the Rainmaker must have been wondering how I did that. Yeah, so am I.

My Killer Wail cancels the Inkstrike, and a bit more ink bursts the shield. I see my opportunity and run with it, pushing the Rainmaker to the other half of the map. I ran ahead of any support, and was bound to be splatted, but the Rainmaker is much further from our podium. My squidmates catch up quickly, and I super-jump back as they take the lead. Don't ask me why I don't see the Seeker, though.

My squidmates take a bigger lead, and all I can do is super-jump back in to trouble. The next super-jump is safer, to a beacon on a perch, and that looks like a good place to be. Indeed it is. I push the Rainmaker sideways, and hold the defensive line, getting a quad-splat in the process. Not bad for a Splat Charger!

I even bust open the Rainmaker again, and with the teal team out of the way for now, it seems like a good time to push it forwards quickly. The teal team are a bit quicker at returning than I had anticipated, though. But I come back quickly, super-jumping, and retreat to hold a more supportive line. That lets me ink some turf and watch over the Rainmaker, as well as getting another very nicely timed splat, this time on a teal super-jumper.

I somehow keep myself safe from a teal push, and get a lucky splat against and agile side-stepper, but get on the wrong side of the Rainmaker to stay safe for long. Much the same happens a second time, but as the teal team try to press higher, my squidmates have sneaked behind them and are nicely on their way to the podium.

Our good position doesn't last long. A vanguard for the teal team puts too much pressure on me as a charger, and inks all the way to the podium before I get some help. Thankfully, we stop their Rainmaker push whilst we still have the lead, and a Killer Wail bursts the Rainmaker's Shield quickly enough for us to push straight back. This time, I don't mind taking the Seeker, as it keeps the Rainmaker safe. For a moment.

I miss the Rainmaker by a hair as the battle enters extra time, the Rainmaker's blast not needing to be quite as accurate, but a squidmate has us covered, splatting the Rainmaker and ending the battle with us victorious. Woomy!

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