Just about keeping the Splat Zones (9-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

9th June 2017 – 7.00 am

That looks like some Rapid Blasting coming from around the corner. I shouldn't run in to it, but I don't always do what's good for me. I get a couple of half-decent flicks at the inkling, but they stay standing. I hope it's not going to be one of those kinds of battles. At least we capture and hold the Splat Zones for a little while.

As the battle for the Splat Zones heats up, a friendly Echolocator shows a purple inkling behind our lines. I double-back to see what I can do about them, and I think I splat them, having given away my position, kinda intentionally, with a Seeker Rush, but getting splatted in the process. Maybe I shouldn't have given away my position.

We lose the lead, and the purple score keeps counting for a while longer, but we regroup successfully. I catch one inkling coming over the top, before dropping down and making the Seeker Rush work for us. I look for more targets, but my squidmates suppress them efficiently. All I can do for now is get a bit flustered as a purple inkling squids past me and drops a Sprinkler.

The Splat Zones are being fought for fiercely as I loiter above, looking to take some long-range pressure off us. One Seeker is vaulted by a Hyrda Splatling, and he pops his Bubbler as he gets closer, forcing me to disengage. But only briefly. I pop back up as the Hydra Splatling gets closer, with no Bubbler protecting him. One down. I splat the Splatterscope from above too, but although I look to be in a good position to surprise the Inkstriker, I instead fall in to the crossifre of theirs and the Rapid Blaster's.

I try to surprise the Rapid Blaster again, but he squids past me too quickly for my feeble reflexes, and pops his Bubbler again. At least I get a splat out this poor position. I come back sending Seekers ahead of me. It may be too obvious to follow their line, but sometimes it works. The Rapid Blaster doesn't expect me, I bump in to the Hydra Splatling before flicking, and splat the Splatterscope from behind. I turn expecting to see the Aerospray RG, but she comes from the side instead. Nice triple, though!

There is a tricky balance between inking the Splat Zones and not being in them when splatted. I half help our team keep some kind of control, and half hand control back to the other team when I am splatted in to a purple blotch of ink. I hope to make up for my mistake on my return, and I think I do. A bit of flicking almost helps, but it also charges my Seeker Rush, and I send Seekers right across the width of the Splat Zones, helping to turn them around. It's even easy to see a purple inkling looking to get behind me.

I try to find more inklings to splat, but only find myself in unfavourable positions. At least I evade the purple ink coming my way on both occasions, and although I nearly get a final splat, the battle ends before the ink lands properly. That's fine, as we just about hold the Splat Zones to win by a single point. Woomy!

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