Going behind the Splat Zones (11-4, Tri-slosher)

13th June 2017 – 7.00 pm

I don't want to rush in to the Splat Zones to start with, not that it looks like I can do much with my bucket from above them. Moving to the side helps, but I will have to get my hands inky soon. I spy the Splatterscope causing problems, so drop down and get a Disruptor on him, moving around to engage the Echolocated inkling nearby. That doesn't go too well.

Direct encounters don't often end well for me, so I decide to go the long way around to engage the purple inklings. I divert to see if the Splatterscope is back on the perch, but he isn't. While I'm up here, I may as well continue, in to the middle of purple ink and a Killer Wail. My Bubbler is handy for a few seconds, but a Slosher's Burst Bomb catches me afterwards.

Now I really take the long way around, partly encouraged by our team capturing the Splat Zones, offering me a little leeway, and partly curious as to why a squidmate is inking the entire other side of the Depot. That's a bit weird. But never mind. This really is the long way around, untouched by ink so far. An Echolocator pings the purple team at just the right time, and although I get one splat there is too much choice, and the sortie is not as successful as I'd hoped.

But I am undeterred, and head back the same way. My route is untouched, the purple inklings apparently not bothered by a path leading directly to their flank. I catch who I think is the Splatterscope in the same place, but find no one else in the ink. No matter, I cover it up with our colour and turn around to see who I can catch on the way back.

Handily, my Bubbler is ready for the return trip. I think I'll need it. I'm a bit careless in giving my position away to the Splatterscope, and he gets away as the Slosher drops down behind him. I pop my Bubbler and get to splatting him and chasing the Splatterscope. The charger is long gone, and I drop down to the Splat Zones to catch the Echolocated inklings, one of which goes for a swim.

The Splat Zones are ours again, the Splattershot and Splatterscope are splatted, and as sloshed ink splatters my back I decide to retreat. It's quite a circular retreat too. Going right around the back seems to be effective, and the route ignored, so I go right around again. We lose the Splat Zones as I indulge myself, so chivvy myself along and drop in to the Splat Zones from behind.

The Splatterscope evades me, but I neutralise the Splat Zones, splat the Splattershot mid-Suction Bomb Rush, and help recapture the Splat Zones. I still can't hover on walls well, but there's no harm in this practice, and I pop over when I think the time is right. Yep, that's the right time, catching the Slosher behind me, Splattershot around the corner, and Splatterscope putting down a Killer Wail. We even have the lead back, nice!

I drop down to help keep the Splat Zones green, and circle back to keep the pressure on the returning purple inklings. I slosh through the Splatterscope once more, but succumb to the Sloshing Machine, just as our counter hits zero. A knockout victory, woomy!

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