Keeping the Tower moving in Tower Control (13-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

14th June 2017 – 7.00 pm

There's lots of jostling behind my Seeker as we race to the Tower. I can't blame that for my second Seeker not making its way through the plant pots. It's a tight line. As my squidmates look to control the centre of the Mall, I push the Tower a little. Only a little. It looks like the initial tussle is chaotic, and this is only reinforced by seeing a squidmate hoof it towards me as I return. What's he running from?

Green inklings everywhere, and a Bubbler has been shared amongst them. I send a sensible Seeker forwards, which catches an inkling coming over the ledge, and some pressure is relieved. We jump down as a pair to recover the Tower, but a Kraken is waiting for us. Quite how I avoid it, and the water below, I don't know, but I survive, get the splat, and ride the Tower back the way it came.

My Seeker Rush splats one inkling, a squidmate gets another, but just as I am about to take the lead back, green ink flies in from the side. Never mind, the lead is slight and there is plenty of time left in the battle. The Tower is coming my way as I head straight down the middle, but my flicking lets me down a little, as I send ink over the heads of two inklings, adjusting only in time to splat one of them, as the Tower trundles on.

I help clear the Tower, but waiting for the opportunity makes the lead quite a bit more daunting for us to recover. It's by no means impossible, though. Still, as I can't even ride the Tower back to the centre, it may be quite difficult. I take time to tidy up behind our lines, which seems sensible at the time, but I neglect to see the sterling work my squidmates are doing in control of the Tower. At least I get to half-way and launch a Seeker Rush as the Tower is still in a good position.

A squidmate takes over Tower control as I head around the side for some surprise support. My squidmates don't need it to take the lead, though. Nice! I apply some pressure anyway, and help to keep the Tower where it is, and moving forwards slightly, whilst my squidmates recover and return. We still get wiped out a second time. But now we have the lead, and defending should be a bit easier.

Defending is easier. The green inklings have to push, and that makes them a little less cautious. One runs past me, who I only splat because they are not expecting me. I drop down behind the Tower in to a pool of green ink, and there's not too much I can do immediately, as Bubblers are active beneath me. One inkling comes up, interrupting my attempt to launch a Seeker, but I get orientated again and flick to splat. It's good that I flick early at the super-jump ring too, as the other inkling is squidding up the ramp, and I catch them at the same time as the super-jumper. That's a nice triple-splat.

I don't push the Tower. Defending is easier. I simply ink over the green ink to make it more difficult for the green team, which also leads me to a super-jumper on one of our perches. She jumps in to watery trouble, though, and although dropping down doesn't exactly keep me safe, the green inklings are feeling the pressure. Another hits the water, causing me pause as the Tower drifts away from under me. I steady myself and hop on, splatting a green inkling trying the same thing, and we're looking pretty cosy.

I start a Seeker Rush on the Tower, hopping off as inky pressure comes in from a perch. We don't need to ride the Tower now. And I've fluffed this jump flick to the perch before, but I'm feeling confident, so try again. Maybe I need some extra swim speed. My squidmates take over and keep control as the clock ticks down, with me just behind them in case we need to sweep up. Not this time. Woomy!

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