Trying my best in Splat Zones (11-6, Tri-slosher)

16th June 2017 – 7.00 pm

Zoom, to the Splat Zone! Ink the Splat Zone and push forwards, confidently but cautiously. I think it's going well, until one inkling becomes two, but so it goes. My squidmates have the teal Splat Zone neutralised, which is good, and I am caught between moving up to help and staying back to defend. Staying back works first, and splatting the threat lets me move up.

I approach the teal Splat Zone with appropriate caution, and then with gay abandon when my Bubbler chargers. I am met by a Kraken, but that's okay, until teal reinforcements appear as well. And before I know it, both Splat Zones are the wrong colour. I wonder where it went wrong.

It's worth approaching our Splat Zone from a perch, to slosh down on to it. That seems to work well, as does a Disruptor, and our Splat Zone is neutralised. I look to splat some more inklings, and pop my Bubbler when Surprised by a Blaster, but they disappear pretty quickly and effectively. No problem, I squid my way up to the teal Splat Zone, where the Blaster reappears and I have to take evasive manoeuvres. They nearly work, but rather than facing one inkling, I end up facing three.

I hit our other flank next, as I know how effective it can be to bypass the other team's inklings looking the other way. I catch one straight away, and splat the Roller, albeit at my own expense. Not a bad result, though, and lets my squidmates retake control of the Splat Zone. I come back along the flank and get that damned Beakon out of the way, before heading up to the teal Splat Zone to, well, get splatted, apparently.

I don't quite catch an inkling by enough surprise on my return, and am overwhelmed by ink pretty quickly. I head straight up the middle next, hoping the teal team won't be expecting it, and I not only get to the teal Splat Zone but ink it purple too. Nice! I stick around a bit, thanks to my Bubbler and a squidmate, and keep as much turf purple as I can. I think I do okay, and the brief period my squidmates capture our Splat Zone lets our score tick down a bit more.

I make a brief and successful foray southwards before returning to the teal Splat Zone, and beyond. Even so, I lose control of the Splat Zone, and our own continues being hotly contested. I get a few good splats around the teal Splat Zone as the battle draws to an end, but without control of our own Splat Zone it doesn't help as much as it could. Still, good battle, everyone.

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