Making amends in Rainmaker (9-5, Tri-slosher)

18th June 2017 – 7.00 pm

I make a beeline to the other side of the map, luckily dodging a Splat Bomb on my way, to find the Splat Charger on his perch, but he's not there. Never mind, a quick inking of the podium, probably pointless, and I hop over the perch to prevent the purple team advancing the Rainmaker too far. I think I help a little.

I move away from the Rainmaker immediately, spurred on by a charged Bubbler, to make a path towards the podium. I pop my Bubbler under the inevitable pressure, and go chasing an inkling for no real reason. When the Bubbler runs out, at least I sensibly retreat, which lets me catch the Splat Charger, just about. But the Rainmaker has been advanced again. I don't ignore this, and use a Disruptor to slow it down, and my Tri-slosher to inefficiently splat them.

Immediate crisis averted, I go back to inking turf towards the podium. That's a little premature, it seems, as the purple team regain control of the Rainmaker. I do my best and keep moving around, looking to come up behind the purple team. I kinda do, but only once my squidmates have taken control of the situation.

I pootle around a bit, not getting the splat I'm after, but happy that I have gone unsplatted so far. This streak finishes as a squidmate appears beside me with the Rainmaker, and I provide some direct support. Getting splatted doesn't really help much, though. I go back the slow way, inking turf as I go, and run in to a dilemma. A squidmate is super-jumping to where I was, with the Rapid Blaster and Splat Charger looking her way. What do I do?

I try to be disruptive. It doesn't save my squidmate super-jumping in, but I exact revenge, on both of the assaulters. But I have another problem, as does the rest of my team. A purple inkling has made a rather good break towards the podium. I'm glad my squidmates are there to stop her, because I am too far away. I rush back to help where I can, and I arrive to ink a path around the side of the purple team.

We move the Rainmaker a bit, but nowhere near as fast as I move. I splat an inkling and help burst the Rainmaker's Shield, but get splatted whilst Echolocated the moment my Bubbler charges. I'm not being great support. At least I manage to keep the purple team occupied and hold the Rainmaker in the same spot for a bit.

The Rainmaker comes back our way, and I keep tabs on it, slotting in to place to get a timely splat. I have to circle around to avoid the Rapid Blaster, and by the time I get in to a position to engage her he's gone, but I follow through along that route aiming to get behind the purple team. I don't get far before the Rapid Blaster reappears, but I have my Bubbler ready.

I think about moving to the Rainmaker, but decide that the back route may be more beneficial in the long run. Not that we have a long run left in the battle, I suppose. It works better than expected. I come up behind the unsuspecting purple team, sloshing one inkling out of the way, and having that rare moment of being missed by an Inkzooka, before snatching the Rainmaker that they have kindly burst from its shield.

A bit of squiddy parkour, a bit of luck, and I get the Rainmaker nearly on top of the podium. Importantly, I give us the lead, off the great work of my squidmates to get the Rainmaker that close in the first place. Now all we need to do is defend a knockout defeat in the last ten seconds of the battle, and with a bit of foresight and patience, I pop out at just the right time to splat the Rainmaker before the team splats me.

I think that last minute makes up for my earlier failures to track the Rainmaker.

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