Manoeuvring patterns in Splat Zones (6-2, Tri-slosher)

19th June 2017 – 7.00 pm

There are no chargers on the other team in this battle in Walleye Warehouse, but hitting the flank and coming out behind the opposition can still be quite effective. It's not as effective as I hope this time. I squeeze a double-splat out of my Tri-slosher before chasing ink splats me, but I also get splatted in the Splat Zones and help capture them for the opposition. Oops.

My sortie didn't really help, given that when I'm splatted we have less inklings available than the teal team, but my squidmates come back with force and capture the Splat Zones without too big a deficit to catch up. I hit the other flank, and approach the end with caution. A Disruptor helps me get through safely, with a splat, and I can flank the Splat Zones.

I run past one inkling whilst looking for another, but am safe with my Bubbler popped. I am a bit ineffective with at least two inklings cornered by an Inkstrike whilst I have my Bubbler, but I get the splats in good time, and squid back to avoid too much attention.

A scouting of the Splat Zones shows them to be secure, and I push ahead again to catch the teal inklings returning. My sloshing is a little inaccurate as an inkling drops in front of me, but I am glad he got me and not that incessant squidbagger in the corridor. Maybe she doesn't realise our lead continues to grow.

A couple of Disruptors, sloshing some ink, and manoeuvring around keeps a couple of inklings at bay, away from the Splat Zones, and sensibly avoiding the Inkzooka stops me turning in to a teal splotch in our Splat Zones. The Inkzooka is also not enough to neutralise our Splat Zone, and the battle is over before the Special. Woomy!

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