Missing my moment in Tower Control (13-5, Grim Range Blaster)

24th June 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm trying the Grim Range Blaster in Tower Control, hoping to get the hang of the Burst/Blast combo. Judging by the start of the battle, I need more practice. I still haven't quite worked out the utility of Burst Bombs on vertical surfaces either, but I'll get there. Just as I get to the Tower at the right angle to clear it of two inklings. Nice!

I push up and hear a hit as I round the corner firing. I don't quite spot the inkling setting up the Inkstrike in time to stop it, but they also don't get clear in time to avoid the splat. And maybe my aim isn't good enough for a direct hit to avoid getting splatted myself, but I'm happy to make the splat mutual in itself, getting the quad-splat is a happy bonus.

The Tower gets in the way a bit of my Blasting, so I'm doubly happy when a squidmate hops on and gets it moving. Even better, my Killer Wail is charged. I take care with aiming it, knowing about the change in elevation ahead, and push forwards as it wails away, seeing if any inklings are hiding in their ink. They're not, and that opens up a good support channel for us.

I don't prioritise my targets too well when I move forwards again, but it all works out, thanks to my squidmates. I imagine I split the purple inklings' focus too. The Tower keeps coming forwards, which is the main thing, and my support starts helping directly. I don't quite get a splat in time to keep my squidmate on the Tower, but I think I can jump on to the side of the Tower to squid on to it and keep it moving the last little distance. But not like that I can't.

The purple team just about save the knockout defeat, and start moving the Tower back. The pressure's on them, though, and being a bit more relaxed tends to help with the defensive side. We have a lot of wriggle room available to us. It also helps to get two sitting ducks on the Tower. It's also good that we push the Tower again, as Camp Triggerfish is a bit stretched not to be playing the objective.

I spy the purple inkling running over the bridge. I'm glad she doesn't see my until I get my second shot away. I also spy the inkling waiting on the ledge. My aim is a bit scattered here too, but it gets better with a target right in front of me. It looks like another inkling was around elsewhere, as the Tower is cleared and starts heading back. I chuck a Burst Bomb across the divide to try to stop our next push failing too soon, but that just makes the inkling angry and turn in to a Kraken. I'm glad they didn't see where I decided to hide.

A Killer Wail clears the way ahead and forces an inkling to hide in an obvious place, but his squidmates appear as I consider riding the Tower, and there are just too many for me to splat before the ink overwhelms me. I come back and am glad a squidmate is around for support, before getting a nice lucky splat. I'm not as lucky with the Inkstriker on the Tower, but that's okay. I stay safe for a bit, and the Tower moves forwards once more.

We're not going to improve on our score in the short time left, but the purple team are unlikely to get close to it too, having to travel almost the full distance of the map. Indeed, the Tower is lost by them almost as soon as it is taken, and the battle ends with our victory. Woomy!

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