Splatting back and forth in Rainmaker (12-8, Carbon Roller Deco)

4th July 2017 – 7.00 am

Should I sneak around the back, should I focus on the objective? I'm torn, but my squidmates help me out, so I head around the back. The Beakon tempts me, so I destroy it, not seeing a charger. But maybe I should have looked harder. I should probably also not squid directly down my Seeker trail when a charger is in front of me. Even if she wasn't aiming at me, it was an easy speculative shot to make.

I do better on my return. I head down the side again, pausing to pounce on the Rainmaker, but when that happens anyway I move around to try to make a difference. I won't with the teal team having so much ink against just my Carbon Roller Deco, so I sensibly hide from the blast before returning. And I have a Seeker Rush charged. Letting loose the Seekers catches the Rainmaker carrier, then bursts the newly regenerated Shield, catching the rest of the teal team, all whilst I am Disrupted. Nice!

With the teal team temporarily gone, I make a good push with the Rainmaker, but the Splatterscope's range lets her get back in to position quickly, and I have to pause or get splatted. Or both. The teal team burst the Rainmaker and get it moving towards us. I head the wrong way at first, so loop back, turning up to provide some support. I do well to avoid the Bubblers as they appear, until they are almost gone, which prevents them being too effective, but I am equally surprised by a teal Special.

A bit of support for the Rainmaker next may just be as an ink-shield, and the Rainmaker gets a good blast out over my squiddy body to clear the way, and presses forwards to get a very impressive lead. I wonder if I'm super-jumping back to watch the Rainmaker get dunked, and I nearly am, but instead I am in damage-control mode. Not for long, admittedly.

A nice bit of manoeuvring, and my Ninja Squid t-shirt lets me help splat some teal inklings and stop the Rainmaker. But trying to squeeze a Seeker through a tiny gap doesn't work, which both doesn't stop the Inkbrush from inking the Rainmaker's Shield and puts me close enough to be splatted by the Rainmaker's Shield. So it goes.

Hey, let's go around the back again. And keep going. I dunno why. The Rainmaker's not moving, and we could use more ink up here, I suppose. I'm found by the Splatterscope soon, though, which reminds me of why I shouldn't be up here with no real purpose, but at least I lead him on a merry runaround for a little, and that squidbagging is deserved.

For the last thirty seconds we just need to defend, so I head around the corner to where the Rainmaker is approaching. A Seeker skids past a Kraken to splat... someone. Maybe the Kraken at the moment of transformation. A jink back and forth splats another inkling coming over the block, and I drop down to splat the Splatterscope. But none of these are carrying the Rainmaker. Where has it got to?

Ah, I see. All the splats naturally put off the Rainmaker from being just another statistic, so squidded off to the corridor on the other side of the warehouse. Thankfully, my squidmates notice quicker than me and are on the case, splatting the Rainmaker long before our massive lead is threatened, and giving us the victory. Woomy!

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