Poor start turned around in Rainmaker (9-4, Tri-slosher)

11th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

Well, that dive past the Rainmaker doesn't work so well, even if I do get past a Splash Wall. And my attempt to approach the Rainmaker from behind is scuppered by an aware inkling. At least my Bubbler protects me to burst the Rainmaker out of its shield, which would be okay if I didn't then squid in to the middle of a Splat Bomb Rush. I'm sure my battle will pick up soon.

I hope a bit of height will help me, but the blue team are out of range. I head around the side as an Inkzooka fires, hoping I won't be a collateral victim, and drop down almost on top of an inkling. That inkling weirdly ignores me in favour of the Rainmaker, so I splat her in the back, and that puts me in a good position for two more splats, Bubbler helping me out. Yes, a triple-splat!

I help burst the Rainmaker's Shield (hey, the triple becomes a quad!), and push forwards to start inking turf back to green. The quad-splat helps, with the blue team all pushed back to their base, and a squidmate gets the Rainmaker past the half-way mark to give put a score on the board. I try to continue, but my Rainmaker work is sub-par for the position. Never mind.

Super-jumping doesn't get me splatted, neither does it put me in a good position. Working back around flanks an inkling, but she moves pretty good for a blue squid. By the time she's splatted, I am in the wrong place again, but I do what I can and ink some more turf. It doesn't really help with our poor position directly, but it should slow the blue team down a bit.

I get back to show my face as the Rainmaker Shield bursts, which makes it look like I'm doing my bit, and press forwards to make a path. I get right to the podium, under a Splash Wall for a splat too, but the Rainmaker doesn't come my way. That's okay, as I was getting ahead of everything, so head back to help out. And forwards to ink, and back to help out when the Splash Wall gets in my way properly.

Bah, I miss the Kelp Splatterscope on the wall, get giddy in a patch of ink, and miss the Kelp Splatterscope setting up a Killer Wail. He super-jumps away in the end, but the reason his Killer Wail was pointed towards their base is because our squidmate made an amazing dash with the Rainmaker, right in to the lead! Nice!

Even better, the Bubbler on me is not mine, so I can drop on top of the blue team recovering the Rainmaker with relative impunity. The Rainmaker's blast keeps me away, and the blue squid gets away really quickly, but you can almost smell the desperation in his ink. We regroup, catch up, and a nicely thrown Disruptor slows down his progress, for two of us to drop down for the splat.

Just a bit of defence needed now. And the best defence is an offence, so I grab the Rainmaker and, dodging under a Killer Wail, take it away from our base and towards theirs. I remember that path up the wall, so that's the way I head. I don't get too far towards their base, but I take the Rainmaker nicely away from ours. That gives us precious time to spot the final advance and prevent it.

Indeed, I sit back, still ahead of their target position, and watch what's happening. The Rainmaker is coming the way I took it, but from their side. Seeing that, I take a direct route there, heading up for some additional height, and drop down to splat the Rainmaker and end the battle. Great comeback, team!

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