Getting pushed back in Rainmaker (13-6, Tri-slosher)

12th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

Dammit, the charger has gone from his perch by the time I get there, probably because the teal team have the Rainmaker. I then spend what feels like ages just looking for another inkling. But at least I find three at once, including the charger. Hopefully that makes up for my starting skirmish-to-nothing. And as a squidmate takes the Rainmaker back the other way, he makes good use of my initial ink, giving us a healthy lead. Nice!

I half-ignore the next teal push. I don't really ignore it, but don't engage the inklings or Rainmaker directly to start with, instead inking turf orange to make their push less straightforwards, and heading around the back to make myself less of a target and hopefully disorientate them a bit too. It mostly works, I would say.

I mostly survive an encounter with a Slosher, probably only because of a Disruptor, and head up and around to recover. That puts me in a good position to splat the Splatterscope looking elsewhere, but not before the Rainmaker is splatted. The Slosher gets his splat on me too. But to show that I learn, I don't rush straight towards the Rainmaker on my return, but try to get around the side.

Maybe I don't splat the Rainmaker, but I help out quite nicely by surprising a new Inkzooka and following-up with a splat on the Splatterscope too. That takes the long-distance pressure off our team, and we recover the Rainmaker. My Bubbler lets me survive far too much ink, and finds two boxed-in inklings, but my jinking doesn't fox the Splatterscope for long enough for me to get close.

I head around the back, knowing that I've inked the wall already, and pause to see what's happening. The Rainmaker is squidding through the middle, but covered by a squidmate. I head across anyway, Disrupting and splatting the Slosher, but somewhat disconcerted by the amount of teal ink everywhere. I try to do something about it, but it's too late. The Rainmaker is grabbed by a teal inkling, who makes good use of the inked turf to squid in to the lead. They nearly dunk the Rainmaker too.

We burst the Rainmaker and try to push back, but the teal team have made a strong position for themselves. Even splatting the owner of a Killer Wail doesn't help too much when I can't move out of the way from being stuck in their ink. And it looks like the teal team are going to use denial tactics, which is frustrating but, I suppose, valid.

I catch up with the Rainmaker, though, and get the splat. But the one time I really want to pick up the Rainmaker and I squid just next to it instead. Maybe I splat the dangerous Dynamo Roller because of that, but I also get stuck on a small step, which is a pain. I get back and manage to grab the Rainmaker, but even this short delay allows the teal team to get more organised.

I don't get far, and certainly nowhere near far enough, before I'm splatted and we lose the battle.

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