Hectic Splat Zones (12-6, Tri-slosher)

15th July 2017 – 7.00 am

Heading around the side for some quick flanking action works better when I don't flop against some uninked wall. Even so, there's no one at the top when I get there. I decide to go even further around the side, and bump in to an inkling immediately, and we dance around a block for a bit. She moves backwards, I move forwards, and she gets splatted. That'll do.

I continue with my plan and get a textbook splat on the charger on his perch. Nice! I don't linger either, and head back up the top, where my squidmates have taken charge of the Splat Zones and look to be holding them well. The orange ink starts coming back soon enough, and the E-litre 3K's laser sight sweeping across us, so I get moving again.

I miss the inkling squidding over the wall, but am heading back towards the chargers perch anyway. He's gone, but moving on fluidly lets me catch an orange inkling tidying up behind her. But where's the E-litre 3K? Splatted already maybe. Either way, the Splat Zones need attention, and there's a Mini Splatling causing problems up there, who I don't really deal with effectively.

I get as high as I can, which doesn't prove too effective, and am glad to be wearing my waistcoat that clears Echolocator more quickly, but I'm in no position to fool the orange team. Their Specials all seem to come together, and Burst and Suction Bombs come flying my way, forcing a temporary retreat. But the Burst Bombs keep coming. Bubbler to the rescue!

With new-found confidence inside the Bubbler, I press forwards, under the Burst Bombs, and in to orange ink. A Disruptor and a neat jink bags me two splats, and a third comes with a bit of luck at being missed by the charger. Better yet, the Splat Zones are neutralised. I don't stick around the capture them, but press the inkling advantage by hitting the flank. That doesn't go too well.

Hitting the side, along my wavy ink, so nearly catches the E-litre 3K by surprise. Instead, I get myself surrounded. That could have been better. A squidmate hangs around better, and super-jumping to them doesn't get me immediately splatted. I try not to be too careless, and take a longer route to the action. That still gets me mixed up in orange ink, but canny use of the available contours and a timely Bubbler keeps me safe for long enough to make a bit of a difference.

The battle still looks to be hanging by a threat, but my squidmates capture the Splat Zones and give the orange team a buffer to work through. That helps! A Suction Bomb Rush looks threatening, but I push through it for a nice double-splat, stopping the Rush and inking the Splat Zones, before the Mini Splatling reppears. At least I Disrupt her, but her Burst Bomb Rush almost negates that. Aww.

I super-jump back, and nearly splat the Carbon Roller from below. Sense should dictate I withdraw, but as she is Echolocated I am feeling confident. It's misplaced confidence, as it turns out, but never mind. As the battle enters extra time, the orange team have only a small buffer to work through, and a handful of points after that to snatch the victory.

I super-jump back as the fight for the Splat Zones goes in to overdrive. The E-litre 3K is doing his best to ink turf, but that makes him vulnerable to my Tri-slosher. And it looks like we have some last-second inking superiority. With one orange inkling left, and all four of us available, the Splat Zones turn teal once more, and the battle is won. Woomy!

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