Finding a groove in Splat Zones (8-5, Grim Range Blaster)

18th July 2017 – 7.00 am

I try to keep my range to start the battle, not rushing headlong in to a contested Splat Zone. It keeps me safe, and lets us feel out the initial tussle. When it looks like the yellow team have backed off from the ridge I turn to hit the corridor, when ink flies over the top from there. I get lucky with that splat, I have to say! Sure, I aimed for the ledge, but I didn't expect an inkling to wander in to my shot.

It's a bold move to wander around a corner in to fully yellow ink whilst Echolocated. Or stupid. Thankfully, I don't get splatted. The most I have to do is work out where to aim my Killer Wail. Nowhere for now, I think. I head down the corridor instead and see some targets on the opposite ledge. If only I had also seen the Dynamo Roller below me.

Super-jumping back gets me in to the thick of things quickly, and I get lucky with one splat, and not lucky enough with another. I was forced to get close by good pressure from the yellow team, which put me at a disadvantage. I head back the long way, on the other side, where I see not only the Splat Zones the wrong colour but our ledge under lots of pressure. Despite my efforts, I do nothing to alleviate that.

That Dynamo Roller is a pain. I don't think directly approaching him is the best idea, and I'm right! At least I force him to reveal himself, and a squidmate behind me gets the splat. It still leaves quite a lot of clearing up to do on my return. Best to do it now, when there's less pressure on the Splat Zones. But, my goodness, the Dynamo Roller certainly can exert some pressure on the Splat Zones from a distance! A squidmate deals with him, which is good.

I start to ink the turf just beyond the Splat Zones, but I don't reach too far. And the yellow team are returning. My Killer Wail aiming may seem a bit panicked, but I kinda know what I'm doing, and I manage to corner an inkling for the splat. I get a direct hit afterwards, which is much quicker. I should do more of them. And I do! After tidying up the Splat Zones, I manage to keep my range nicely from an approaching inkling, until the direct hit stops her in her tracks. Nice!

The yellow pressure returns to the Splat Zones, with an Inkstrike, followed by the Dynamo Roller. I take a risky route to avoid the Rollers ink, and somehow keep my footing to get a good splat, before another Inkstrike hits. Those are easily cleaned up, but I head forwards instead. Another direct hit is fun, but the inky pressure behind me is less so. I manage to stay just ahead of it, and return to the Splat Zones my squidmates have managed to control well.

I spy an inkling squidding towards me, but the string of direct hits is broken, and the Dynamo Roller's ink is felt heavily once again. But that's just fine, as our counter continues down to zero. The knockout victory is ours! Woomy!

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